How has nutrition changed over the years?

You might think that with all the advances in technology that the quality of food in our households would have improved in the last 100 years. Keep reading to find out the truth.

If we are to believe a study out of Colorado, it would appear to be the opposite! Depending what you buy from your local supermarket each week, you may well be eating far fewer nutrients than your grandparents did two generations ago! Whether it is because the farmers are trying to grow more vegetables per acre, using less effective means of food harvesting, utilising larger industrial-sized animal production, or over processing the food, it appears that you and I might be better off growing our own than buying it from others.

And perhaps, in a way that is the real secret to the matter. Our parents and grandparents probably had a veggie patch in the back yard and may even had kept a chicken or two for eggs and meat. Their animals and veggies would have been lovingly cared for and given the most natural nutrients available. Thus, when they were eventually consumed, they would have been fresh, healthy and full of essential vitamins and minerals. After all, our grandparents would not have been able to just pop to the local 24 hour supermarket as we do to fill up a trolley with processed foods.

So as we look around today and see so many unhealthy, unfit, obese people in our community, maybe we need to think about the ways of our forebears and consider digging up that manicured green lawn out back, start growing some delicious veggies and keeping a few chooks once again!

What do you think?

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How has household food changed over the last century?

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