How to determine what wine you might like based on your favourite beer

If you are new to the world of wine drinking, you might wonder what type of wine you would actually enjoy. Well, keep reading as we give some great tips to get you started, and it all has to do with the type of beer you like to drink!

A new wine drinker often has similar questions when choosing a wine such as:

  1. how do I know what type of wine I will like?
  2. will I prefer white or red wine?
  3. is dry wine nicer than sweet wine?
  4. do I need to drink the whole bottle once I open it?

Well, let’s help with a good starting point for you today. It has often been said that if you know what type of beer you like to drink, then working out a suitable wine to enjoy is not a difficult task.

And the reason for that is simple. You drink your particular beer based upon such things as price, aroma, flavour, and even how it looks. Once you know what those factors are, then you can confidently try some wine based on the same criteria.

  • if you find yourself drinking craft wheat beer, then try a chilled glass of Chardonnay. You will still find it to be complex, yet light and refreshing at the same time.
  • drinkers of light beers, lagers or Pilsners might like a glass of Pinot Grigio or Brut Cava due to them being less complex and more refreshing.
  • do you love your stout? Then try the king of reds, a Cabernet Sauvignon for its full oak flavours.
  • Pale Ale lovers should enjoy a lovely glass of Pinot Noir as it is balanced and less tannic than some.
  • do you love a cold glass of cider? Then why not try a sparkling glass of Champagne for its fizz and tartness.

And so on, with whatever type of beer you enjoy.

Ask yourself why you like it and what you look for in each glass? Once you know that, then your search for a lovely glass of wine is not too far away.

Bon Appetit! 

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Living each adventure, 
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Wine: How to determine what wine you might like based on your favourite beer
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