Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

Fitness: Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

We love encouraging people to get out and about, and this week thought we would touch upon the health benefits of horseback riding. It may look like an easy thing to do, but we know from experience just how much skill and effort is required to stay on top of a moving horse. Keep reading as we explain more.

I remember the first time I sat on a horse and the instructor led me gently around the riding arena. I thought it was a piece of cake. That was until I had control of the horse and it started moving beneath me. Only then did I realise the level of fitness and skill it took to stay on the horse and control its movements. Though for quite a while my muscles ached in a way I could not have thought possible. 

Up until that time I had imagined that riding a horse was probably not very different to driving a car – just sit and do things, and the car goes in the right direction. Boy, was I ever wrong. I had to learn a complete new set of skills, work with a highly intelligent, if sometimes flighty creature, and increase my fitness levels to allow me to stay on its back as it walked, and then increased speed to a trot and a canter. Every step along the way required an increased level of fitness and a whole new set of skills to be learned. You really do need to strengthen your core, and use your quads, hamstrings and glutes over and over again. 

Never mind the benefits of being out in the fresh air, enjoying time you can share with an animal you love, and an opportunity to get your head back into a good place. These benefits to your health simply cannot be counted. 

And now, as I watch any equine activity on TV or in person, from pleasure riding to fast-paced polo on horseback, I am in awe of the skill that many riders and their animals exhibit. And I am reminded of how much effort that rider must have put in to increasing their level of fitness to maintain their seat on that horse.

If you would like to know more, take a read of the attached article titled: The Health Benefits of Horseback Riding. I think it will surprise you just how fit you need to be to actively participate in any form of horse riding. But do try it if you get the opportunity. It really is a great activity and one that you may love to do regularly. 

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Fitness: Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

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