What your guy really thinks about your beauty routine

Okay girls, here’s two makeup and beauty questions for you this week to think about.

Given all the time you spend each week making yourself beautiful for the man you love, just how much does he really understand about your makeup and beauty routine, and does any of it freak him out? Keep reading for some honest answers from guys we asked.

No matter your reasons for spending hours in front of the mirror, it is only natural that you want to look your best for your guy, and so it is helpful to at least know if he actually notices all that you do for him. Right?

False eyelashes

Many guys don’t like to touch their eyes, never mind glueing something fake around them, so don’t be surprised if your man looks a little weird at you spending time poking around your eyes with sharp tools and tubes of glue. Most guys love natural beauty and often wonder why you want you attach false bits of anything to your face.


Did you know that he probably couldn’t even tell you what colour nail polish you wore on a big night out or what nail style you had. Now if your nails were all gross and ragged, we are sure he would take some notice, but in the main it seems he is largely oblivious to the time and effort you go to beautifying your nails.

The amount of makeup and the time involved

Surely he thinks, if you have been doing this for several years or longer you should be able to slap on some makeup in five minutes by now! He doesn’t understand about the different layers involved and in his mind he is probably thinking about whacking some putty on the wall, sanding it over and painting it. And if he had his way, he would probably invent a single makeup product that does everything in one go, and can be applied in under five minutes!

You spend so long doing your hair

Most guys unconsciously compare your hair routine to their own, and if you can’t comb or brush it out in two minutes, there must be a problem, right! Again, their lack of understanding causes them to think you spend an unnecessary amount of time doing what they think is a simple task. And if all else fails, just stick a cap on, right!


Who the hell would put themselves through such pain just to get rid of a few hairs! Most guys (unless they wear lycra and ride bicycles) will never understand why a girl would want to go through this procedure – ever!


Guys love girls with soft skin but like so much else to do with beauty, the how and why often mystifies him. He won’t understand the time scrubbing and cleansing, especially when he is waiting to use the bathroom before work, and he certainly won’t see the point to all the brushes, loofahs and scrubs. 

Leave it on all the time

If you are going to put makeup on every day, why don’t you put it on once and just ‘top it up?’ Thinking back to his beloved car, he reasons that he does not change the oil ever day, he just tops it up as needed, so excuse him if he thinks you can do the same to your face girls!

The Bottom Line:

If your guy loves you then he will do so, regardless of how much time you spend in the bathroom. And while he may never fully understand your beauty routine, or why you do what you do, you can rest assured that he does appreciate the time and care you put into it girls. So keep doing what you did to look your best in the first place, and you can be assured that while he might moan occasionally about the time it takes, he loves you anyway.

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