This week will be about choices - ensure that you choose well

Every week you make lifestyle choices. Some are important, some not so. But this week, we want you to think about one choice that has the potential to impact your life in a very meaningful way. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Have you ever realised how important your friends really are? Probably not. And most of us never do, until they are gone. Some people unfortunately never have a close friend or best mate in their life.

There is a story of an emperor who long ago carried out a test to see if humans really did need daily companionship, or whether they could be taught to function more efficiently in life, free of those complex relationships? He commanded that two groups of newborn children be raised differently: one to receive daily human touch, encouragement and love; and the other to receive all the necessary education and training, but with limited interaction and human contact.

As both groups of children grew and developed, the emperor was surprised to see that the group with limited human contact which he thought would excel, in fact fell behind developmentally compared to the group which daily received love, companionship, nurturing and encouragement. He quickly commanded that both groups be treated in the same manner as the children which excelled and in a short time that group also developed normally.

You see, people are the same all over the world. No matter who we are, what we do, how much money we have, or what size house we live in, we all need interaction with others. And outside of the family, one of the best ways we can do that is through friends with whom we share a bond of mutual affection. They might live next door or even across the other side of the world. In fact some online friends are as close to you as family.

And yes, there are times when a good friend is closer than family, and can be sought out to confide in or receive encouragement from. Times when family members just wouldn’t understand or be able to give the right words of advice, free of judgement and criticism.

It’s been said that every person needs basic things like food and shelter just to survive. I would like to add another need to that list, and that is friendship. Every man, woman and child should have a circle of friends they can rely on and confide in, and of course be such a person to their friend when needed. Albert Schweitzer said “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

Perhaps we all need two groups of friends. Firstly there are those who we can easily talk to, confide in, and enjoy their company. You may have a nice neighbour who you have spoken to often, shared coffee, and received encouragement from once or twice. Likewise a work colleague has accompanied you to a game of football, shared a drink or two, and a bond has been created. Every person needs such a group of people they can easily relate to, enjoy being with, and share their lives. Someone you can just hang out with.

But then there is the second and more important group. These are the friends you are closer to than most family members, who know your secrets, your strengths and weaknesses, and even your faults, and still love you despite them. This is the group you should be developing, strengthening, trusting, and depending on for when times get tough. For it is this group of friends that will still call you a friend when others have deserted or snubbed you.

Build this second group and love them unconditionally. If you make conscious lifestyle choices this week to seek out and develop this close group of friends, your life will possibly change for ever.

Living each adventure, 
Christine and Trevor
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Lifestyle: This week will be about choices – ensure that you choose well

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