Digital Marketing: why your business needs to be online

Digital Marketing: why your business needs to be online:

As a business person you might not understand the Internet. And you may not want to go to the effort and cost of establishing an online business. However, if you value your business future we would suggest you read today’s post and reconsider that decision urgently.

With the wide world web now such a big part of our lives, we are all connected to this amazing global village like never before. And any business owner who still thinks it doesn’t affect them is sadly mistaken. Over half the world is now online and many of those people will be buying products or services similar to what is being offered by your business.

In many countries like Australia, over three-quarters of all households have Internet access, and an even higher percentage of individuals have a smartphone, computer or tablet that they spend hundreds of hours a year on each year. Those people will use their favoured device over and over to call friends, connect with businesses, buy products, and seek personal services. Every. Single. Day!

No matter what the excuses being put up, it is easier and cheaper than ever before for businesses to go online and start attracting customers to their business. Websites can be easily set up either by the business owners themselves or by web professionals for a very reasonable fee. Web hosting is cheaper than ever, and the number of social media companies grows every year.

Search engine technology and specific apps are now working smarter with connected devices to direct customers to your location, explain your products or services, provide a phone number and opening hours, and even show samples of what you sell. Business owners are able to connect with those customers though relevant posts, photos, images, and surveys in a way never seen before. 

But the real bottom line is this: if you don’t put your business online, then your potential customers will spend a great deal of their money with someone who is. So, it is your choice. Bury your head in the sand and hope the Internet goes away – which it won’t! Or get onboard and online as soon as possible.

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Digital Marketing: why your business needs to be online

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