How times have changed with travel photography

Do you remember the last time you travelled and how easily you snapped away with your smartphone camera? It wasn’t always that way, or that easy you know. Keep reading to see how much more difficult travel photography used to be.

Back in the days of film cameras, many of them were quite large and clunky, and very limited with what they could do. You needed the right film for the camera (which had to be installed and later removed in a darkened room), space in your baggage to fit the camera, you had to live with the limitations that existed in those early cameras, and then you had to get the film developed afterwards. Sometimes this could be done quickly but often you might wait a week to get them back from the lab.

With the above camera, you could not just snap away like you do today with a smartphone or DSLR. The Kodak Six-20 Brownie D used a 620 rollfilm which gave you just 8 or 12 exposures. And that was it! Once you had used up that roll, you could not check the images to see if any had turned out okay, or if you all looked good. You would have to wait until the developed photos were returned to see if any of them were worthy of keeping (and often half would be useless due to blurring, or people having their eyes shut!).

And of course, the camera was fairly limited in what it could do too. If it had a fixed lens you needed to be around eight feet away from your subject (so no selfies there!), and its aperture was probably predetermined by the factory with a single lever to use on sunny days. And there were no LCD screens on the back to view your shot. All it probably had was a window in front and one on top with an angled mirror connecting the two. You needed to hold the camera at waist height, look down into the window and take the shot – hoping the person was smiling because there was no great detail to be seen in the viewfinder!

So yes, we have come along way since those days. Something you might appreciate next time you travel, take hundreds of photos and carry your smartphone in your pocket in between! Travel photography is a piece of cake now, wouldn’t you agree? 

If you are interested in knowing more, check out this Beginners Guide To Understanding And Using A Brownie Box Camera.

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