Fitness: why there are no shortcuts

Fitness: why there are no shortcuts:

How many times have you seen some super-fit personality appear on a television program or advertisement and thought to yourself, “I wish I could be THAT fit.” If that is you, then you had best keep reading, because we have some very good, and some very bad news for you.

Okay, firstly the good news. Providing you have no physical disability preventing you from exercising and eating well, there is NOTHING stopping you becoming as healthy and fit as the person you have just idolised on TV.

Now to the bad news. That person only got that fit through a rigorous exercise and eating regime that many people will never commit to. If you are not prepared to put in a similar effort, then you will NEVER achieve the same fitness levels as they have.

So, as you really knew all along, it is up to you. If you are committed to eating well, exercising regularly, ditching the junk food and eating well, keeping active, sleeping well, prioritising your fitness regime (even on rainy days), dieting correctly, and applying all the correct principles, you can in time be proud of what you have achieved and become the person you have only ever dreamt of in the past.

Will you do it?

Why don’t you drop us a comment below and make a public commitment to improving your health and fitness today.

If you are just starting off on this fitness journey, we strongly suggest you talk to your health professional to get the all clear, and read lots of great articles like A Beginner’s Guide to Getting in Shape.

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Fitness: why there are no shortcuts

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