House and Garden - setting up a stunning garden water feature

House and Garden: setting up a stunning garden water feature:

Your front garden can say a lot about the person who lives within that property, and one sure way to add some pizzazz to your place is to add a quality water feature that really shows off your home to anyone passing by. Keep reading for some great tips.

  • first and foremost, keep in mind that any water feature in your yard, front or rear, needs to be child safe, so remember that any feature does not have to be deep to be effective. 
  • a beautiful pondless waterfall for instance can add peace and serenity which providing a range of options to really set your garden apart.
  • you might include a variety of dramatic rock formations and pebbles, real and fake decorative plants, garden statues, artificial walls, old logs, water-wheels, clay jugs, copper bowls, selective grassed areas, and slow-running streams and fountains that will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.
  • placed correctly, it can attract a variety of beautiful bird life that will add a lovely touch to your garden.
  • mood lighting can add a sense of tranquility and beauty when seen at night
  • some of the nicest water features we have seen are those where local stones were used and the owners made or built the water feature using whatever they had on hand. They looked unique and stunning at the same time.
  • many old-fashioned vintage items look great set amongst a water feature as it slowly rusts and tarnishes.
  • remember that you may need council or local government approval in some areas, and always get work done by qualified professionals where it is required by law. 

And if you need some artistic inspiration, check out these water features on Pinterest.

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House and Garden: setting up a stunning garden water feature

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