Travel: Tips for flying with kids

Travel: Tips for flying with kids

Travelling with kids on an aircraft can either be an eye-opening, awesome educational experience, or the nightmare from hell! So keep reading as we share our top tips on travelling by air with children.

Book flight times according to your children’s ‘happy times’

That might sound strange to non-parents, but if you know your little ones are generally happier in the mornings, why would you not travel at that time? Likewise if your children sleep anywhere and drop off like clockwork, try travelling at nap times so they can snooze en route. Every child is different, but we are amazed how few parents ever think to travel at the best time for their kids, instead of their own schedule.

Start planning well before the day of travel

The worse thing you can do with kids, especially young ones, is to rush them off hurriedly to the airport, all stressed out and running late for your flight. So make sure you start planning for the departure well before that day arrives. Double check your departure times, have the essentials packed, make a list of what is still to go in each bag, plan your drive to the airport, and allow plenty of time to get there (much more than you think you will need). The time spent pre-planning will serve you well and you will arrive at the airport much calmer and happier.

Prebook your seats

If your airline permits it, ensure you book your seats so you know you are all sitting together, and relatively close to the lavatory (not right next to it!). There is nothing worse than forgetting to book your seats and then find that you have to race down the aircraft aisles in a hurry, or find that the family is separated on the flight. You might think that some kind-hearted person would agree to swap with you if that happens, but don’t count on it – there are some very rude travellers!

Wear ‘spill-proof’ clothing

Again this refers more to babies and young kids, but if that is your family, then please don’t wear your best clothing on the flight, or some light-coloured clothing that will show up any food or drink stains! Little ones are not perfect all the time, and trying to eat and drink in a confined space, never mind play, colour or draw as well, and you are likely to get some food, drink, or coloured pen on you. Go prepared with some casual, dark clothing that will hide the worse. And make sure you have lots of baby wipes to clean hands, faces, clothes and even seats.

Choose your snacks well

Unless you plan to buy on the aircraft, give a little thought to stocking up with some healthy, no-mess snacks beforehand to keep them all happy and filled up. Try out anything before you travel to ensure it does not spill easy, leak, dribble, or splatter when opened! Try and avoid anything that will give them gas or an upset tummy, and look for ones that can be resealed. Take your own empty water bottles and buy some water once cleared and divide it amongst everyone’s smaller bottles.

Carry spare plastic zipper or ‘ziplock ‘ bags

You never know what you are going to end up carrying off the aircraft, and if it is dirty, smelly or half eaten, you will be thankful for that bag to keep it sealed in until you can find somewhere to dispose of it.

Buy some surprise toys

Once kids have been seated for more than five minutes, they are likely to start playing up. So come prepared with a few cheap toys that will occupy them for a while longer. Most cities have a cheap shop where you can pick up little things for a dollar or two. Even if they don’t last long, they can be a lifesaver at just the right moment.

Invest in some cheap tablets

One of the best ways to occupy kids is with a tablet or smartphone. More retailers have a range of cheap tablets that will allow you to download a whole bunch of offline games, videos and apps that will keep them entertained for hours. The money spent will be well worth it later.

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Travel: Tips for flying with kids
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