Beauty: mistakes you are making shaving your legs

Do you dread shaving your legs with a razor girls?

Does it sometimes feel like you are peeling off more skin than hair? Well, keep reading as we share some of our top tips on successfully shaving those legs like a professional!

Don’t start shaving as soon as you hit the shower

Your skin needs time to soften and for your follicles to open before you put a sharp blade anywhere near it.

Don’t wait until you turn into a frog though or all those wet wrinkles will make the job harder. Just long enough to feel that your skin is soft enough to start shaving.

Exfoliate while you wait

Waiting those ten minutes or so before shaving is a great time to get rid of all those dead skin cells and give your skin an all-over good rub with a lovely smelling but mild exfoliant.

Don’t forget to lather-up

Never try to shave using just water or some cheap soap. You want to use a good quality moisturizing shaving cream, no matter how much of a hurry you are in.

Unless you want cuts and nicks, you need to take the time to do the job properly and that starts with using great products that suit your skin and allow the razor to glide over it easily. And be aware of ones that come with strong perfume or ingredients which might irritate your skin after shaving.

If in any doubt, seek professional advice to choose the right product for your skin type.

Forget the cheap, disposable razors

Unless we have no other choice, we prefer the better quality razors with several blades.

They do a far smoother job in our opinion and don’t tend to get caught up in tricky areas like the cheap ones do. And remember to replace your blades often.

Don’t just leave them in the bathroom for months on end and then wonder why you are cutting yourself every time you shave.

Work out the best stroke length for your skin

We find that shorter strokes without pulling the skin works best for us, but others tell us they go from ankle to knee in one go.

We are all different and only you know what works best for you, so find out and stick to it.

Give your legs some TLC afterwards

Always apply a good quality moisturizer with SPF after your shave to keep your legs looking and feeling their best. 

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Beauty: mistakes you are making shaving your legs

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