Digital Marketing: Understand your core business before setting marketing goals

Digital Marketing: Understand your core business before setting marketing goals.

One of the biggest mistakes many business owners make when putting their business online is to try to do everything all at once, often failing in the process. So keep reading to see why it is so important to know your core business before setting any marketing goals.

If you have a business, you have customers. And therefore it makes sense that before you set any goals to market your business online, you need to clearly understand who those customers are and what you are trying to sell them. The better you understand who they are, the better you will be able to reach them and in time sell your products or services to them. And once you understand your customer base, the sooner you will realise what your core business really is.

Why is this so important for online marketing?

Because if you fail to understand this early, you can spread yourself too thin and market too broadly. You may think you sell a range of your products to older women who live close to your physical shop. Your initial research however may show your average customers are really 25 to 34-year-old females who live 30-50 miles from your business and only come into your physical vicinity once a week on shopping trips. You further ascertain they are primarily interested in beauty and home decor products, which is only a very small part of your business. With this knowledge, your initial marketing goals might be a lot different to trying to just sell everything on your shelves to everyone who visits your new Facebook page.

You might run a campaign to raise more local awareness and build your customer base through a new website and social media channels. You might list your business on a range of online local directories, and invest in a mobile app to draw more local people to your physical storefront. And you might start including ‘how to’ videos and helpful tips online to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter.

Whatever course of action your marketing goals take in the future, it all needs to rest upon understanding your customers BEFORE you can ever hope to increase your market share online or offline. Once you understand the who, then you can research what problem they have, and why they should come to you in the hope that your product or service can solve it.

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Digital Marketing: Understand your core business before setting marketing goals

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