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How to find cheap flights:

We all love our holidays and the plane trip there and back can often make or break the time away. But how do YOU choose the right airline for the best price when travelling? Keep reading for our thoughts and top tips on how to pick your next cheap holiday flights.

We all know that travel prices fluctuate according to many factors unknown to the average traveller, but is it still possible to get cheap international flights to save you a few dollars on your next trip? The good news is, it is still possible, and more often than not, it is just a matter of knowing where to look and how to search for them. So let’s take a look.

Go ‘incognito’ when searching

Like anything in this world, demand will always drive prices higher. One of the most common mistakes people make when browsing for airline prices on the Internet is to let the travel companies know they are looking. The more people who look and search for flights to a certain destination, will often inadvertently drive those prices higher. Whenever we are looking online, rather than just sit down and google ‘air travel’ or ‘cheap flights’ on our PC or smartphone, we always make our browser go incognito. This is done by holding down CTRL/Shift/N on our keyboard (your browser may be different) so that our browsing information is not tracked by the travel companies. Each time we search we open a new private browsing window to avoid a popular route being made to look even more popular.

Check travel comparison companies as well as airline carriers

It is easy to make the mistake that only online travel comparison companies like Travelocity, Skyscanner or Cheapflights offer discount fares. Oftentimes the airlines themselves will have sales or special days or times when they advertise cheap flights for a short duration. So it is worth checking what airlines fly the routes you are considering and then visit their sites as well as the specialty travel or holiday sites. And oftentimes by booking directly with the airlines you won’t pay any additional booking charges.

It’s not just the cheap airlines who discount fares

Just as in the previous example, it is worth remembering that even well-known airline companies like Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific also find themselves at times with low booking numbers, unpopular routes, or bad publicity at times that affect their booking numbers. So instead of just checking out the cheaper airlines, if you are looking for the best time to buy international airline tickets hoping for a special deal, remember to visit some of these bigger, more well-known companies as well.

Weight up all the costs when considering cheap fares

If you manage to get a cheap fare, but have to fly out at 6am, is the small saving worth getting up at 2am, dragging the littles ones out of bed half asleep, catching an expensive taxi to the airport, and having a miserable family all day? Sometimes we need to just step back for a moment before pressing that ‘enter‘ button on the keyboard to see if what we are about to do is a wise thing to do! Perhaps a later flight might cost an extra $40, but if it means the kids can travel at a time when they are going to be happy, and you can hop on a cheap bus to the airport, maybe you might be better off with the later, slightly more expensive flight. Especially if the ‘budget’ airline has less leg room, no onboard meals, additional baggage fees, no onboard entertainment for the kids, and longer book in queues with fewer desk staff!

Book in advance when others aren’t travelling

This is one of those ‘Duh‘ type statements we know, but we mention it because many travellers forget commonsense air travel tips like these, and still forget to plan in advance and make bookings at low season times, and outside of school holidays and weekends. Popular times and dates are always going to drive prices up, so if at all possible, be wise when booking and see if you can’t travel at a quieter time when the airfare, accommodation and car hire costs will all be a lot cheaper.

Do these simple things and you will find that cheap flights are still to be had if you don’t mind a little air travel booking research and planning.

We hope you enjoyed our tips today on how to find cheap flights. And if you are looking for other great posts to help you with your next travel project or holiday, make sure you check out our popular European post titled: ‘Top tips when travelling to Scotland.’

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How to find cheap flights

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