Cheap pet accessories

Cheap pet accessories (for the fur-babies you love):

We all love our pets, and are sure there are not too many homes with pets that do not have an accumulated stash of pet toys and accessories. All this of course costs money, and people often wonder whether there are cheaper pet accessories available? Well, keep reading for the good news.

A visit to any pet store will soon have you grabbing out the credit card to pay for the trolley full of pet toys and accessories you have just bought. And you will buy them because you love your fur-baby and want them to be comfortable, and have an enjoyable space within your home where they can play, rest and sleep with the rest of the family. You are always looking for better ways on how to care for your pet and make a safe and fun environment for them.

The trouble is – it all costs so much!

A few toys at $15 each, a comfortable bed or place to sleep that could cost up to $100, a few food and water bowls for around $10 each, some suitable apparel to wear if they go outside in the cold or heat for up to $50 each, not to mention a scratching post assembly for another $50! Before long you start to think you might need to take out a second mortgage on the home just to pay for these bits and pieces. Looking after your pets suddenly seems to be a very expensive proposition indeed. 

The good news is, there are cheaper options!

Without wanting to influence your buying preferences, we have found that by shopping a little more wisely, you can make significant savings by shopping at a major online retailer who can meet all your pet needs and deliver it straight to your door. You save time and money, and a lot less stress. And rest assured, this post is not being sponsored, so we are not giving out any names in order to get paid. Each of these retailers are well-known and provide a wide range of online pet supplies and accessories.

In Australia we have Pet Circle who proudly boast they have everything you need in one online store, and of course they deliver to your door if you live in Oz, with free metro shipping! Whether it is food, beds, coats, collars, treats and a lot more, they have it all.

If you are in the UK, we have heard of the Pet-Supermarket who aim to provide the widest range of pet products while forming great relationships with their customers. They offer a 5 star guarantee on all products and a no-quibble return policy.

And in the US there is Pet Supplies who not only deliver great products at great prices, but also offer community forums, and partnerships with animal rescue and adoption facilities.

Now, you might be thinking that while all that is great, you would actually prefer to make your own pet accessories (and maybe even sell them!). And why not! Just head on over to Pinterest and check out all the different craft ideas, recipes, accessories, collars, beds, and toys you can make for your favourite pet – and at a fraction of the price of buying from the shop. A little time and a little imagination and you can make some awesome homemade and cheap pet accessories you will love.

So what are you waiting for? Check out social media and the online suppliers, and let us know what you find.

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Cheap pet accessories

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