Do I need a website for my business?

Do I need a website for my business?

Don’t you hate those questions with a YES /No answer? Well, unfortunately this is one of those questions, so keep reading for the answer!

We don’t apologise for appearing to be vague in our opening statement because there are valid reasons for both answers. And the reason whether you need a website for your business depends upon many factors such as:

  • do you sell products or service locally or globally?
  • are your competitors easy to find?
  • do you offer unique services or products?
  • do you wish to attract more customers?
  • can you design a website, or pay someone to do it for you?
  • do you have the time or staff to maintain it, plan marketing strategies and respond to enquiries?
  • can you do just as good a job without one
  • are your customers tech/social media savvy?
  • would you like to reach customers when your business is closed?
  • are you looking for ways to communicate more easily and regularly with your customers?

And these ten questions are just the tip of the iceberg. 

So let’s examine two different businesses: one who may not need a website and one who would probably benefit from having one.

Business ‘A’: Let’s say you are a new business on the block. You hope to sell your beautifully crafted, solid hand-made wooden furniture to local customers who will pass by your shop on the main street, see your wares in the window, and buy your products. Your marketing efforts are limited due to the expense of setting up shop, and you really don’t know the first thing about computers.

One of your staff members has a little more technical knowledge but his online time would be limited due to his skills in the workshop. While your good meaning friends might be telling you that you need a website to promote your awesome furniture, you could probably get just as good a response by using your employee to get your business on a Facebook page, get on a few local business directories, get involved in local business clubs or Chambers of Commerce, and list full details on ‘Google My Business‘. In time, a website might be something to aim for, but perhaps not to worry about in the immediate future.

Business ‘B’: In this instance, you are selling artistically created cards and invitations. You work from an office at the back of your home and because your products are so light, they can be posted almost anywhere in the world very cheaply.

You have completed an arts degree and live on your smartphone and laptop like they are a third arm. You feel that you could capably design a decent-enough website using ‘WordPress‘ and believe you can work your way through domain names and hosting companies for your site. You have heard all about search engine marketing and web advertising. And you are targeting customers on a global scale so you are looking to build up your customer base quickly through a series of digital marketing strategies. In this case, a website probably makes a lot of sense as there are benefits of a website for small business.

So, having read through both examples above, ask yourself ‘Do I need a website for my business?‘, and try to see where your business sits on the possible spectrum of “I don’t need one” through to “I need a website for my small business“? At the end, only you can decide and it really will come down to many factors, and like all your other business goals, you need to know whether a website is a good fit for your business now. 

Don’t worry about in 6 or 12 months time. Do you need one right now? If you do, then think about the necessary steps involved and the importance of a website to an organisation (we will be covering this and all manner of online marketing in future posts, so stay tuned, and tell your friends to subscribe too if this affects them). If right now, you feel like you don’t need one, then do what you can in line with your business goals and marketing plan, and revisit it in a few months time to see if anything has changed. You can always get one down the track when you do.

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Do I need a website for my business?

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