Travelling to Japan? 5 things you should book

Travelling to Japan? 5 things you should book:

Planning a trip to Japan and not sure where to go? Instead of rushing out to buy a Japanese travel guide-book, take a few minutes to first check out today’s post written by Guest Blogger David Conner who sets out his top five things to book in Japan.

For some, travelling to Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. and many visitors make the most of their trip by pre booking holiday packages through their travel agent or searching online before they leave home. And whether you are travelling to Japan alone, travelling on a budget, or splashing out on luxury, we can assure you there will be something for everyone to enjoy in the Land of the Rising Sun!

When visiting, you’ll want to fit in as many experiences as possible. To help, we’ve picked out five different activities that’ll form a unique trip. If you get the chance to visit again, then that’s great – after all, Japan has so much to offer. The following just represent the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Karaoke

Of course, you can take part in karaoke all over the world. But nowhere does it better than Japan, making it the perfect place to get up on stage and sing your heart out. Don’t be shy – just embrace the experience as the locals do.

Karaoke is taken seriously in the country and you’ll find the quality and efficiency of the machinery far above anywhere else, according to Tsunagu Japan’s list of 50 things you must do. Fortunately, the same goes for the soundproofing – so if you’re not great at singing, you don’t need to worry about upsetting the neighbours.

  1. Skiing lessons

Japan is home to many popular skiing destinations, including Niseko. But with three-quarters of the country mountainous and blessed with some of the most reliable and heavy snowfall in the world, smaller resorts have been popping up all over the country. Now there are loads of places you can go skiing – some close enough to Tokyo for a day trip.

But be wary – it can cost $25,000 for hospital admission and surgery for a broken arm in Niseko, so it’s worth booking in some lessons if you’re inexperienced.

  1. A trip on a bullet train

The activities on this list could be spread miles apart. Luckily, there’s a quick way to get around in Japan. Shinkansens, or bullet trains, are high-speed trains that can reach speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour.

They connect Japan’s main islands of Honshu, Kyushu and Hokkaido. What’s more, in the 50 years since they starting running, not a single passenger has been killed or injured in a shinkansen accident. Why not extend your trip to Japan out a bit further and enjoy a trip on a Shinkansen? It’s a great way of exploring different parts of the country in one trip.

  1. Kabuki

 As a traditional form of Japanese entertainment, Kabuki has been registered as a UNESCO cultural heritage art form. Exaggerated gestures and body movements are used to express emotions in plays, dramas, and dance pieces. It’s worth booking a viewing to experience the brilliant displays first hand.

  1. Ninja training

In Japan, you can unleash your inner ninja and get training to improve the key attributes – stealth, fleet of foot, discipline of body and mind, and hand-to-eye coordination.

One journalist went to the tiny, picturesque village of Akame to train surrounded by mountains, where she was told the only person to make it to the end of one ninja course was a 10-year-old girl. Fancy your chances? You can book up ninja training across Japan.

Have you visited Japan? Are there things to know about Japanese culture that you learnt while there?

Please share your recommendations with us and with our readers below if you have been, so we can all benefit from your experience. And if you haven’t already, please subscribe so we can keep you up to date with the latest posts!

Author Bio:

David is a long-time gap year traveller, somehow managing to extend a planned one-year escape, into a 5-year plus travelling adventure. He’s seen all corners of the globe and particularly loves Asia – thanks to the incredible range of things to do and see.

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Travelling to Japan? 5 things you should book

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