Benefits of teaching your child how to fish

Did you know there are some real developmental reasons to teach children how to fish? Keep reading to find out how your child can benefit from casting a line over the side occasionally too.

You may have fished as a youngster or you may have never experienced that joy. Either way, we believe, and we think science shows that there are some real benefits to teaching young children how to fish.

Some of those benefits include:

General Wellbeing

You don’t often see grumpy fisher-people (well, at least not in the crowd we know). The joy of being out there in the fresh air and often in a scenic location can do wonders for the soul. Even when nothing is biting, there just seems to be a sense of peace and general well-being that encompasses the whole fishing experience. And it just seems to make you a better person for being out there!

A Break From The Electronics

Of course they (and you) can still have time on the smartphone during the course of the day, but it is very hard to handle a phone while you have wet, slippery hands that generally don’t smell too good. And do you really want that all over your phone? We generally find that it is easier to leave the phone in the pocket or handbag until you have a coffee break than to keep handling it.

Lessons From Life

Most parents find that getting outside on some such activity with their child presents awesome opportunities to talk with them – not AT them! You actually have time where they can ask questions of you, and yes, they even seem to listen and pay attention to your answers. All those questions that they normally never get a chance to ask you, they now can. And it seems the most perfectly normal parenting thing to do, and it is a genuine bonding experience that is not to be missed.

They learn How To Survive

This might seem like an exaggeration but has a lot of truth in it. Many young children have difficulty understanding how milk gets in a bottle, why cows come shaped like sides of beef, and how fish get crumbs on! By teaching them outdoor skills like fishing they really start to connect the dots and see where a fish lives, how it is caught, and what is involved in getting it into the frypan. And of course, most love getting in and helping.

Benefits of teaching your child how to fish

A Hobby For Life

Once they fall in love with fishing, it will likely be in their blood for life. And they pass that onto their children, and so on. It will get the entire family outdoors, together, and having a ball as a family should. Keeping fit, and learning patience, independence and a love for the outdoors along the way.

An Interest In Learning New Skills

Unfortunately many folks give up learning at some time in their life, so why not start young with your kids and get them interested in learning from an early age! They will carry that skill into their adult life and be forever thankful to the mum or dad who took them out with a rod and a hook and taught them to fish. We have often gone fishing with a toddler or two and they loved the experience.

Hand And Eye Coordination

Throughout their life they will also be glad you gave them opportunities to improve their hand-eye coordination skills while fishing and handling all the rods, nets, equipment, fish and bait. It will be a skill they will readily use in sport, at school, and in life in general.

So there you go. Seven essential developmental reasons to teach children how to fish that will make them better equipped to deal with what life throws at them. If you get the chance, why don’t you grab some simple fishing gear this weekend and teach your child a valuable life lesson or two. 

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Benefits of teaching your child how to fish

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