Sword Fighting Could be the Next Fitness Workout Craze

Would you go to a gym and get fit by working out with a sword? Well, keeping reading to find out more on this popular form of fitness workout training.

Okay, so we are not really talking about some ‘Lightsabre‘ fight to the death between a trained Star Wars Jedi and an evil Sith, but a far safer form of individual high-intense exercise which is rapidly gaining support around the world, often using wooden swords or even no swords at all in the ultimate fitness workout craze.

Sometimes called ‘Forza,’ ‘Katana‘ or ‘Jungshin‘, this Samurai-type sword training is a total body workout designed to strengthen your core, build endurance and burn calories like crazy. In many of the popular classes around the world, devotees use a short wooden imitation sword weighing up to three pounds (a cut-off broom stick will do in a pinch) to work through a series of very specific exercises. Style, speed, efficiency, balance and power are all increased as exercises are repeated and completed.

Imagine working through any vigorous cardio program, and then adding the additional weight of the sword which you need to move in time with your body through the different exercises! You will soon feel it in your legs, butt, back, shoulder and arms. Depending upon the class and the type of program, you may work through a series of exercises to complete one circuit, before a short rest and repeating another circuit. You might then choose a heavier sword and complete another circuit!

No need for any specialised ems fitness equipment, no room full of weights, bike and treadmills. Just you and a wooden sword! You will need lots of space around you and a high roof though!

This crazy form of workout fitness is so incredible, many do believe it will be the next big thing. We weren’t able to photograph a class going through their circuit, so hope you will excuse, and enjoy the photo of our Star Wars toys anyway!

And in case you are interested to discovering the fun of working out with a sword, we have attached a few links below. Enjoy.

p.s. if actual sword fighting is your thing, there are clubs around the world who engage in Medieval-type festivals and do have restricted sword fighting events for you to participate in, so check them out too. 

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Sword Fighting Could be the Next Fitness Workout Craze

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