Your business now has a website - now what?

Congratulations. Getting your business online with your own website is a big deal, so well done. But now what? Well, keep reading to find out the next important steps.

I read some time ago that there are over one billion websites up and running in the world.


And I’m sure by now that number has grown even more dramatically since then. And to give you some indication of how fast the Internet is changing things for business, back in 2010 (not so long ago!), there were just over two million websites. I think that could be termed a significant increase in just a few years!

And it has been estimated that by 2018, worldwide e-commerce sales will reach in excess of TWO TRILLION DOLLARS!

So while you might think your little website is not going to make much of an impact in all those sales, the fact remains that if you were not online, you would not be sharing in any of it. There are definite benefits of a website for small business, so the real question as we asked initially is, ‘now what?’

As we have shared in previous posts, you need to make some important decisions, based upon your product or service, physical location, marketing goals and of course your budget. We initially focussed on ensuring our website was mobile friendly, was fast-loading, and ran smoothly across all platforms. We also set up our email processes so as to be able to have contact with, and hear from customers, as well as collecting and categorising their details for future marketing campaigns.

We became avid believers in the power of social media and regularly updated our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, quickly realising different approaches that need to be taken for each. We began producing regular content of interest on our website, and quickly learned a whole bunch of new terms such as SEO, CTR, SEM, and PPC.

Yes, it is a huge learning curve for any new online business, but not one that is insurmountable. And you quickly realise why small businesses need a website. It just takes time, patience, and the willingness to learn (or be prepared to pay someone else!). The best approach is to move slowly, and keep your own business and marketing goals at the forefront of your decisions. If you agree that paid advertising is in line with those goals, then go for it. If free organic advertising is better, then do that instead.

Whatever you decide, please get sound advice before making any major decision and at all times, keep referring back to your own business plan and goals, and remember the importance of a website to an organization today. Do that and you should not go too far wrong as you work out the ‘so now what‘ factor of being online.

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Your business now has a website – now what?

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