Have Realistic Expectations With Your Digital Marketing Goals

So, you have finally launched your business website, and now you are just waiting for customers to beat down your door. If that’s you, you might want to keep reading to find out more.

Having an online presence is just one step in your marketing plan, or least it should be. And about now you probably need to be taking a big dose of patience. Like all good things, it is going to take some time for the search engines to find you, assess your site for relevance, originality, and popularity, just to name a few. They will check all the links on your website, and see who is visiting and linking to your site.

When we first go online, one of the main questions we all ask is, ‘what are search engines and how do they work’. So if right now you are struggling to get your head around it, you are not alone. It is a huge learning curve for many people, but gaining that understanding is not impossible.

So, while all the behind the scenes activity is going on, you might use the time wisely to keep an eye on Google Analytics to see what customers are being reached, whether they have trouble loading any pages on your site, whether any links are broken, where visitors go on your site, and how long they stick around. And hopefully your marketing plan has already taken this into account, so that from Day 1 you are measuring, evaluating, assessing, reviewing and strategizing with your team.

As each day goes by and more results come in, you can begin to get a better idea of how well the search engines are receiving your site and content, and how your customers are finding the experience. As those results are analysed, you may need to rewrite content, redesign landing pages, restructure the website, and even redefine your goals and KPI’s. And you might even need to talk to some professionals to get better online examples of a marketing plan for a small business.

Always ensure that you are guided by your marketing plan, and that you have a list of marketing goals that will allow each step of the process to be realised. Accept that very few things happen overnight, and understand that it is going to take time for your customers to find you and start engaging with you online.

But come they will if you have done all the right things and have included realistic expectations with your digital marketing goals.

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Have Realistic Expectations With Your Digital Marketing Goals

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