How To Charter A Boat For Your Next Special Occasion

Looking for somewhere special to host a special occasion? Instead of thinking hotels, why don’t you charter a boat and make it a VERY special occasion!  Keep reading for details.

Whatever your special occasion may be – a Christmas party, 60th birthday, wedding, corporate event, Hen’s or Bucks Night, New Year’s Eve celebration or anything else, you do not have to be restricted to a hotel or other boring alternative on land. Not when you have the option of chartering a luxury boat that will take you where you want to go, when you want, and can guarantee you a cruise with your guests you will never forget.

Depending upon your taste and specific requirements, there are boats available around the globe just waiting for your call. Whether it is a smaller sailing boat for just you and a few friends or a larger motor yacht for several hundred people, you will find boats available for charter in most major ports around the world. While options do sometimes provide for you to hire the boat yourself, most charter boats provide an experienced skipper and crew, and can provide for all accommodation, meals, drinks and full entertainment while on board.

The three main types of charter hire generally come as:

  1. Bareboat Charters: you hire the boat and you are the skipper and crew. You will need to check each company to determine what licences may be required.
  2. By The Cabin Charters: If you do not need the full yacht for your event, you can choose this option and just pay per cabin on a fully crewed boat.
  3. Crewed Charters: An all-inclusive floating holiday where the skipper and crew wait solely upon you and your invited guests. This is the more expensive option, but one chosen for those very special occasions.

In Australia, a typical charter might involve a Sydney Harbour cruise at sunset carried out by companies like Vagabond Cruises and Explore. These companies, and many more around the world, such as Yacht Charter Fleet and Dream Yacht Charter will be happy to design a special occasion that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Due to the cost of hire, many companies will require a substantial bond plus deposit made at time of booking. Final numbers must be advised and full payment made before the departure date. And for the more popular events or locations, bookings might need to be made at least a year in advance.

Should you wish, there are a number of companies who cater to the rich and famous and are happy to take you and your group to places like Monaco and Abu Dhabi, though don’t expect to obtain such a charter at discount rates. Additional costs might also include marina fees if applicable, and many such companies have a minimum number of days a boat can be chartered for.

The price of chartering a boat will depend upon many factors including:

  1. the time of year (a High season booking will always attract a higher rate)
  2. the size of the boat and the number of crew required
  3. the duration of hire
  4. the charter and destination locations
  5. the type of event and any additional costs involved.

So, a two-hour sunset cruise with a skipper including drinks and chocolates might cost $300-$500 per person an hour, whereas you might hire a small sailboat yourself and a few friends for the same price for a full day. A larger yacht or motorboat with crew for an all-inclusive bigger event might cost $15,000 to $100,000 per week. And a larger super yacht might set you back $100,000 to $200,000 a week.

However, if your special event, is special enough, a reasonable boat charter cruise for a few hours around the harbour may not cost as much as you would expect for a good night out with friends. And it is definitely worth checking out if boat charter is something you have been dying to do one day.

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How To Charter A Boat For Your Next Special Occasion

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