The healthiest countries in the world - and what that means for YOU

So, where is the healthiest country in the world, and what does it mean to you? Well, keep reading to find out exactly why it matters very much.

Every year a list is published revealing the healthiest countries in the world based upon a wide range of factors. They examine things such as health, diet, life expectancy, lifestyle, and more. Did the ones at the top of the list lay claim to being the most physically active countries? Not necessarily, though the healthiest countries diet had a lot to do with it.

This year the prize for being the healthiest country in the world went to Italy, suggesting that their mediterranean-type lifestyle keeps them living healthier and longer than most other countries around the world. The study said that while the country does have an excess of doctors, it is perhaps the fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and olive oil rich diet which allows older Italians to live well into their 80’s. They also eat a lot of whole grains, fish, and consume red wine of course. It also suggested that Italians tend to have better heart and mental health that their counterparts in Britain, Canada and America.

Following Italy in the top 5 were Iceland, Switzerland, Singapore, and us guys down here in Australia. The top ten were then finished off with Spain, Japan, Sweden, Israel and Luxembourg. The U.S. came a poor 34th and ranked as one of the heaviest nations in the world.

What seems to come through in this and many such studies, is the importance of doing things well for our health that are under our control. Obviously as a normal citizen you cannot dictate how many doctors work in your city, nor can you change the levels of smog or sanitation in your country.

You can however control:

  • what you eat
  • whether you smoke
  • how much alcohol you consume
  • how much exercise you get each week
  • what you do in your spare time
  • how much clean water you drink daily.

Though these surveys might be easy to dismiss due to poor government, population control, unsafe work conditions, and the like, it is important for each one of us to start looking at our own lives to see what WE can do to fix things. Do we just want to be another poor health statistic, or will we find that determination to improve our own personal health and wellbeing and turn those results around.

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you spend your weekend glued to the TV, eating takeaway, drinking soda, and getting stressed over Facebook friends or some TV drama. You can always put the electronic devices away and make the decision to get outside, enjoy some exercise with friends, drink clean water, and eat a well-rounded diet.

We can’t change the health of the world overnight, but we can do it gradually if everyone gets on board and make a decision to live a better quality of lifestyle in the future. At we are committed to this end, and are passionate about empowering you to live a healthy, authentic, and fulfilling, personal and business life.

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The healthiest countries in the world – and what that means for YOU

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