How to groom your bikini area without using wax

Like it or not girls, most of us groom the bush around our Lady bits. Waxing is one way of cleaning up the pubic area, but are there better options? Keep reading to find out.

Some girls seem to tackle almost anything without a whimper, but when it comes to waxing around The Minnie, there are a few less brave souls who will return for a second round of torture. And whether it is a DIY at home job, or laying on the bed with your legs open at the local beauty salon, waxing the pubic area has to be one of the most uncomfortable positions we will ever find ourselves in – childbirth excepted!

So, for those of us looking for ways on how to remove bikini hair naturally, or at least with less pain – and screaming words my mother doesn’t know I know, what options do we have? Well, actually there are a number of alternatives to brazilian waxing, a landing strip or bikini line waxing such as:


If you are looking to trim your Lady Garden without the pain of waxing and without disturbing the area too much, then a sharp pair of clippers or electric shaver will probably do a great job for you. There are plenty of options available depending how much you want to pay, and whether you want to do it slowly by hand or have the electric shaver take over.


If you want to do more than trim the Merkin, then a good, sharp razor can often do the trick. Just make sure you trim first to get rid of as much hair as possible, and use a good quality shaving cream and moisturizer.


This electrical device works similar to waxing or tweezing (plucking each hair individually) where the hair is pulled out by the roots. They are faster than tweezing, and cleaner than waxing.

Laser Hair Removal:

If you don’t like pain and want to have less treatments to remove your Tuft, then this option might be for you. It is more expensive and can sometimes take multiple sessions to remove all the hair.

Hair Removal (Depilatory) Cream:

These creams and lotions effectively dissolve or break down the hairs, without the pain of waxing, so they can also be an effective way of removing some of the Carpet in the pubic area. Keep in mind though that different creams contain a variety of different ingredients and chemicals, so you might want to test some in a non sensitive area first to ensure there are no reactions. It can also be messy while you wait for it to work. Our suggestion is to always look for those creams containing natural ingredients that are specifically designed for that area. Many women only use it to clean up the bikini line rather than around the Girly Bits to ensure none of the chemicals get anywhere where it shouldn’t go. The cream or lotion is just washed away with clean water and a cloth.

So, there you go – five different ways to clean up your pubic area. Some are better in our opinion than others, though having tried them all we would love to hear your opinion on what you consider to be the most effective and preferred method of cleaning up your Lady Bits – even if it is waxing. Drop us a comment below to share with others.

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How to groom your bikini area without using wax

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