Does your business need a mobile app to connect with customers?

If you have finally gone online with your business, the next step might be to ask why your business needs a mobile app? Keep reading as we explore this option for your business.

The first step for most small businesses when they go online is to get a website up and running. Some unfortunately get a website and then do nothing about it. If this is you, you may need to read this quick if you have an enquiry form on your website.

After the website is sorted, some businesses then start to get across social media and get their name out even wider. Their customers can find them easily when they have a problem they need fixed, or are looking to purchase a product or service online.

It is around this time that many business owners begin to wonder whether there is something else they could be doing to better connect with the customers they have already established a good relationship with.

And this often leads them to building a mobile app (application) for their business, or paying someone else to build it for them.

Initially you might want to pop into the App Store (or Google Play) on your phone and check out just how many apps are available for download.

You will probably stop counting before you get to a million, but that huge number of available apps might give you some indication of just how popular they are.

The use of mobiles is increasing every year

The use of mobiles is increasing every year, and we are all looking for the easiest way to search the Internet, buy a product, download music, and order fish and chips.

When we eat out, we generally take a photo of the meal and share it with our family and friends on social media.

And if that business is smart, they will have an app ready for us to download so that we can book online, order before we arrive, and be advised of specials.

We may even get a nice message offering special perks on our next meal as we walk past the store.

And the future will definitely see more people spending more time on their mobile, downloading more apps to make their life a lot easier.

And so now is the time to get onboard.

If you have been thinking about getting a mobile app for your business, all the experts seem to be in agreeance that having your own app opens up one of the best ways for direct and open two-way communication with your customers.


Through your app, you create a direct marketing channel, improve customer service, build customer loyalty, create return customers, and increase your turnover.

Depending upon the size and structure of your business, you may employ a professional team to build you an app to meet very specific targets. A small business on the main street may decide to create their own through a company like which will take them through a step-by-step process to creation.

And once the app is up and running, it’s just a matter of letting your customers know about it (and perhaps offering some incentive for them to do so!).

Once they download your app, voila!

Once they download your app, voila!

The app will use their phone’s GPS to send them special offers when they are in the vicinity.

They should be able to order on the way to the business, pay by tapping their phone, receive loyalty points to redeem in the future, share photos of their product or service on social media, and a lot more. 

Now is the time to get onboard if you offer a relevant service or product and haven’t already thought about an app for your business.

For every day you don’t make it easy for customers to buy from you, they are spending their money somewhere else.

For many companies, this is the time to accept the advantages of mobile apps for business.

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Does your business need a mobile app to connect with customers?

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