5 Beauty Tips To Attract Mr Right

Are you still looking for Mr Right, wondering if he actually exists? If that is you, we have some great tips, so keep reading.

Yeah, we have all been there – waiting for the right guy to show up in our lives! And many of us have given up in despair, thinking we have missed the bus, and that we are destined to be alone for the rest of our lives.

Unfortunately, when you accept that premise, which by the way is false, something happens on the inside.

We give up!

You may not even know you have, until one day you look in the mirror and don’t even recognise the person looking back at you. The light has gone out of your eyes, the smile is missing off your face, and you look like you just don’t care anymore.

If that is you today, we have just two words to say to you.

stop it

  • Stop the self-blame
  • Stop the negative feelings
  • Stop the misery
  • Stop the downward spiral!

Today is a new day girl, and you are bigger than this! It’s time to put your face on, take a big dose of hope, and start looking forward to the future again. And guess what? As you do so, your self-assurance on the inside will begin to shine outwards, attracting the right people into your life once again.

So here our top 5 tips to attract Mr right, and all the right sort of people back into your life.

That’s right – these are not some ‘put-powder-on-your-face-and-feel-better’ makeup tips. These are real life ‘get-your-sh*t-together’ tips to get you back out there and are designed to make you beautiful once again. (for some great makeup tips though, do check outcommon blush mistakes you might be making’).

It’s time to be true to yourself, to your ‘Mr Right’, and to the world in general, so keep reading girls.

You need to hear this!

Put The Past Behind:

The future will look more beautiful once you accept the past belongs in the past. The present and future hold only good things for you, and as you allow these positive vibes to sink in, the real beautiful you will shine out for all the world to see. Let that negativity fall off your shoulders and stand tall.

Tell yourself you are beautiful, you are strong, you are intelligent, you are confident, and you are ready for a good relationship in your life. Leave that other crap where it needs to be.

Keep A Good Attitude:

Do you find when you catch up with girlfriends that it turns into a moan and bitch session? Then it is time to either make new friends or develop a different attitude. Your Mr Right is not going to be attracted to a whining, negative, regret-filled woman.

He will be looking for someone to complete him, to enthuse and encourage him, to fill his life with love and happiness.

So, those are the traits you need to be living now so that when he meets you he will know he has found his mate. Shine brightly so you stand head and shoulders above the others.

Become Passionate:

When you are down in the dumps it is really hard to get passionate about anything, and that should be a key to you right there. Your ideal man will love a girl filled with passion.

It’s what makes the world go around, and puts a smile on any guys face, so turn up the heat and get passionate about life!. Stop being down and disheartened – ignite your life like there is no tomorrow and you will soon start to see guys queuing up to be around this Girl On Fire!

Know Who You Are Looking For:

Let’s face it girls. If all you want is a man, there are plenty out there. But Mr Right has some special qualities you are looking for, and you are not going to settle for just anybody. Know what you want in a man, so you don’t accept second best.

You don’t want some lying, cheating, no good son of a bitch, so don’t give out those signals.

Keep your standards high and know that the right guy will be drawn to you and the special qualities that only you have.

Be A Mystery:

Many single girls incorrectly think that if they throw themselves at enough guys they are bound to find a keeper. As soon as you start thinking like that you have lost!

Guys love a mystery and right now you should be holding something back so that you are attracting the one you want and who is determined to chase after you and hold on until you are prepared to reveal your fullness to him.

Instead of moaning over your single status to anyone who will hear, stand apart from the crowd and revel in your determination not to settle for less. Be empowered by your choices, and wait for the man who will be your Mr Right.

Always remember that you do not find your worth in a man; you know your own worth, and then your man will want to find you.

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5 Beauty Tips To Attract Mr Right

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