How important is a domain name for business?

One of the biggest decisions for any business going online is that of coming up with a relevant and suitable domain name. Keep reading to see how important that is.

Your domain name is what people often refer to as your web name.

It’s the letters a customer types into their computer or smartphone after typing the ‘www.’ So for instance, to find us on the Internet you just type in our domain name: and our business website will appear on your screen.

Every computer on the Internet has a unique number assigned to it, called an IP address, but due to the complexity of trying to locate a business by a series of complicated numbers and dots, the domain name allows a business to select a unique name that will allow them to be more easily located by their customers.

IP Address

While many businesses use their registered business name as their domain name, this may not always be the best option. The total length of your domain name is generally limited to 63 characters, so a lot of thought needs to be given to choosing those letters well.

You want your domain name to be credible and clearly identify your business when potential customers are searching for you. If your business name does not clearly specify what product you sell or service you provide, you may in fact end up registering two or more domain names. One in the name of your business, and others identifying what you sell.

Thus you might register ‘‘ to protect your brand name, while also registering ‘‘ to allow customers to find you when searching under those terms as well.

Imagine if your business name was something really long like, ‘Northern Suburbs Cat and Dog Rescue and Welfare Homes.’

When registering your domain name, you may consider that people would give up before typing a name that long (or misspell it!), so it would be a good opportunity to brainstorm some ideas for shorter names which still stated the purpose of the business.

domain name

And choosing an appropriate domain is not only useful in identifying what you do, it also assists the search engine find you.

Let’s say that you sell red roses, but nothing in your domain name mentions anything about red roses.

You run the risk that when a prospective customer goes onto the Internet and searches for ‘buy red roses,’ that the search engines either won’t find you, or it will rank you lower than your competitors who use that keyword in their title or description.

So choosing a domain name that is appropriate, AND will get you results is very important.

The choice is entirely yours of course, and as long as the name you want to use is available through a Domain Registrar like GoDaddy, then you can purchase as many different domains names as would suit your business.

We have found that the branding of your domain is vital to success and have always chosen a domain name with a .com extension after the domain name (i.e. When registering your new domain, there are many options to choose from, such as .net, .org, .biz, but it has been shown that .com is the preferred extension in over 70% of cases.

It also adds a lot of credibility to your name.

And the top tips from Search Engine Journal when choosing a domain name include:

  • having a name that was memorable
  • is easy to spell
  • is unique, and
  • generally no longer than one to two words if possible.

We often discount the importance of originality in domain names, preferring to include some catchy name with appropriate keywords. But take the likes of Google and Yahoo. Who the hell came up with those names, and what on earth do they stand for?

In both cases, the names themselves became the selling points and did not need anything else to complete them.


And I read recently that is now worth $103 billion! So they are definitely doing something right, even if they chose a goofy name.

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How important is a domain name for business?

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