Beautiful & Sexy Tattoos for Women

For the past few years, the number of women getting tattooed has been steadily increasing in many countries around the world. In Australia, the proportion of Australian women with a tattoo now exceeds that of men. So keep reading for more stats, facts, and even a quick survey on getting inked.

Many girls are choosing designs that are relatively small, pretty, feminine in design, that are empowering, and allow some self-expression in a lovely way.

Beautiful & Sexy Tattoos for Women

Some look to decorate larger areas of their body with designs they love, whether it be the traditional tattoo design, Nu Skool, realism, watercolour, tribal, Japanese, animal or some creative geometric design. And others choose a simple, but highly relevant tattoo in memory of a loved one who has died.

Just as the type and size of design alters with almost everyone you speak to, so are the number of tattoos they choose to have. Some of the popular feminine designs include butterflies, mandalas, flowers, stars, fairies, hearts and text. Many of these are located just above the ankle in the lower back, the back of the neck, the inner wrist, and the shoulder.

Some have one and never go back for more, while many see the first as just the beginning of their total body art – sometimes only restricted by the cost involved.

Beautiful & Sexy Tattoos for Women

What is apparent, is that this trend does not appear to be running out of steam any time soon. Many more women (often at quite a young age) are already planning what design they would like next, where that design will go, and how it will compliment others already in place.

Gone are the days when tattoos were social unacceptable, or purely the domain of men looking to make some anti-social statement. Though current social norms often still dictate that many girls and guys are forced to ‘cover up’ while at work, and cannot have any ‘body modification’ on display.

Beautiful & Sexy Tattoos for Women

This of course can be difficult if the girl has a full floral sleeve for example, or large pieces of ink on legs and arms.

But what about you? What are YOUR thoughts of women’s tattoos in 2017?

If you are female, we would love it if you could complete our very short survey below.

It will only take a few minutes and we would love to see where the majority of girls stand on this issue.

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Beautiful & Sexy Tattoos for Women
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