Why Your Website Landing Page Is So Important

We recently wrote an article called ‘why your business needs to be online‘ in which we stressed the benefits of allowing your customers to find you more easily by being online. Since then we have received a number of questions regarding ‘Landing Pages.’ So keep reading for more details.

Those questions could best be summed up as:

  1. what is a landing page and do I need one on my website?
  2. are landing pages effective?
  3. why use landing pages?
  4. how to use landing pages for your business?

Keep reading for more.

1060 words – approx reading time 9 minutes (the time it takes to go online and order the ‘Book of the Month’)

In a nutshell, every website generally has a number of different pages on it, each hopefully with its own specific purpose, and all designed with the role of assisting your prospect’s buyer journey.

Depending upon your type of business, you may have a ‘Welcome (or Home) Page‘ that will clearly explain to visitors who you are and what you do. As online visitors tend to move on in a very short time, this Home page should be clear and succinct about how you can solve their problem by buying your product or service.

Ideally that page should have a number of links to other pages, allowing the visitor to learn more about you, what your company can provide, why you are different/better than the opposition, and eventually go on to convincing them that their problem will be better solved using your company than the opposition.

This might be achieved with just a few generalized ‘About Us’ type pages, or better still, you could have a dozen different ‘Landing‘ pages.

Each page has a specific purpose in mind.

And each page needs to clearly anticipate the prospects questions, and be able to answer the questions they have in their head, even as they are reading your page.

And each may offer something of increasing value to the prospect, so that in time, or depending where they are in their buying journey:

  • they feel they can trust you
  • they want to spend time reading your content
  • they will be prepared to watch your video
  • they trust you enough to provide their email address and receive a free sample
  • they will buy a sample product from you at a heavy discounted price, or
  • they will finally be confident enough to purchase your flagship product.

Each page on your website needs to meet these visitors at their particular place in the buyer journey, and so it is to be expected that a Welcome Page would be different say to a Sales Landing Page. The first is designed as an introduction, while the second has a singular purpose in mind of selling products or services to the customer.

So when you are thinking about your website, give some thought to the journey your prospect might be likely to take. Depending upon your business plan and marketing objectives, you may send all your visitors to your Home Page where they can click on links to explore other aspects of your site and search for relevant products or services.

Or, in response to your marketing campaign, you may send them directly to a Landing Page (as seen in the very simplified example at the top of this post) which is built for a single purpose and has been carefully crafted to move the customer along their journey.

These pages are critical for turning visitors into leads, and eventually into customers.

Your Landing Pages might be set up to collect an email address in exchange for a free download, it could ask for a name and address in exchange for a discounted sample of your product, or it might be set up to sell your main product or service.

What is important is that the Landing Page:

  • is totally in line with the offer being made to them on the previous page they were reading
  • has a single purpose and is not confusing to the visitor with lots of text, multiple offers and no central purpose
  • makes a single compelling offer to the visitor
  • contains relevant keywords in the title, heading and page text to be search engine friendly
  • contains relevant required links on the page in a way that is not distracting or eye-catching, and
  • has a simple button to click or conversion form to receive the offer.

So if Landing Pages are so important, where do you get them from, you ask?

Well, you can design them yourself if you have the relevant skills and can ensure they are suitable for both desktop and mobiles (if you use a WordPress theme, you can download a plugin).Or, you could choose a marketing or IT company which specialize in making professional-looking Landing Pages for you.

Or you can design them, using the wonderful resources of a specialised company for a reasonable cost . These include guys like:

Whichever way you decide to go, ensure that every decision is in line with your overall business plan and marketing goals. And grab some professional advice if in doubt.

We are firm believers that no business decision should ever be made on a guess. It should be backed up by hard data that confirms which decisions will further your goals.

And if you decide that Landing Pages are the correct decision for your business, then get to work, design (or have designed) the right Landing Pages for your business.

They might just be what you need to:

  • gather more information on your prospects
  • see your conversions increase
  • identify your best-performing pages, and
  • allow you to test and optimize every aspect of those pages to provide future marketing and remarketing campaigns and,
  • increase sales.

We hope you found ‘Why Your Website Landing Page Is So Important’ of some use. Please drop us a comment below and let us know what you think, and please subscribe, if you haven’t already, so we can keep you updated in the future.

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Why Your Website Landing Page Is So Important

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