Raising a self sufficient child

Having children can be an incredibly exciting experience. And raising a self-sufficient child into a competent adult can be very satisfying indeed.

We have written numerous posts on raising children from a very young age to be the kind of teens and adults you expect them to be. And whether it is understanding ‘How to teach your kids to brush their teeth‘, or teaching them age-appropriate life skills, the basics are the same.

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From the time they are learning to walk and do things for themselves, they are of the age when we should start allowing them to attempt things themselves.

Sometimes the temptation is to take over when they are taking forever to tie a shoelace, do up a button or cut some food. But every attempt they make is giving them the necessary skill and confidence to succeed in the future.

Of course there are times when as parents we need to step in and assist, but those slow, gradual learning experience are some of the most important parenting moments you will have.

As your children grow in age and experience, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to learn, fail, and learn a little more, about how to succeed and how to find the determination to push through the hard times.

Small tasks often prove to be big successes

  • potty training
  • pouring drinks
  • making the bed (well, attempting!)
  • making their breakfast, helping set the table and prepare meals
  • washing their hair and getting dressed, and
  • organising homework and doing regular chores are just some of the many ways they learn.

At each step along the way, it is important that the child be given the opportunity for increased responsibility, so that they gain the skills and ability to become self-sufficient children.

And as they grow, they will naturally become self-sufficient adults who have the confidence and ability to forge their own way in life, without needing to rely upon their parents.

However, if you fail in this task when they are young, then do not expect them to suddenly wake up one day and be able to control their own destiny!

If they learn to regularly fall back on mum and dad when they are young, they will take this attitude into adulthood.

So be warned!

  • you can peel that egg for your two-year old every day for breakfast, or you can teach her how to do it
  • you can give up in frustration and do the job for them, or you can learn and teach patience
  • you can scold and get angry, or you can give encouragement, guidance and love
  • you can let them get away with bad behaviour because it is easier than disciplining, or you can teach accountability and respect.

Whatever you do though, please do not wait until they are rowdy, undisciplined teens or adults, before wondering what went wrong.

Parenting is your job

Do it well and you will be proud of the self-sufficient adults they will one day become.

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Raising a self sufficient child

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