What is the best home fitness equipment?

If you try hard to live a healthy lifestyle, you have probably tried working out at the gym. But can you do it just as well at home, and if so, what is the best home fitness equipment? Keep reading as we share our experiences over many years.

We have written previously about why push ups are still a great way to exercise, and have found over the years that for the times we cannot get to the gym, or find a suitable outdoor activity to keep fit, that there are many home-based exercises available.

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When it comes to purchasing fitness equipment for home though, we have had some great successes – and a lot of dismal failures!

After filling a back room with Ab Rollers, Exercise Balls, Ab Crunchers, and Mini Exercise Cycles, we were reminded of two very important lessons:

  1. you get what you pay for, and
  2. only buy what you know will do the job.

What is the best home fitness equipment?

You see, before buying all this fitness stuff, we did not do our research. We were sucked in by the fantastic TV ads which showed fantastically fit people using these machines, who now look like this after using this stuff ‘for only a few minutes daily‘, and we bought it to look like them.


But don’t laugh too soon, because we know we are not alone. Many of us have bought gym equipment, grillers, popcorn makers, and a hell of a lot more – all because it looked so great in the ad. And it now lives in the back of the cupboard, with all the other junk!

So, the big takeaways we learnt over the years for home-based fitness equipment, now means we carefully check out anything we want – before we buy it, and make sure it is going to do what we want it to do.

For example:

  • before you exercise you want to ensure you have done some stretches to avoid any muscle injury, as well as for resistance training. So buying some good quality resistance tubing/bands or Therabands will be your best friends
  • exercise/stability balls are great, but we have seen them advertised anywhere between $10 and $50, so if you get one, get a decent one that can take your weight and will last
  • unless you are serious about weight lifting, many suppliers now sell a number of smaller dumbbells of varying weights so you can use them in cardio and dance moves, as well as for general toning. You don’t need a gym full of weights, just choose the ones which will give you the workout you need for your fitness level
  • instead of buying a very expensive home gym, why not check out one that fits over your door and gives you a varied workout using a whole range of gadgets like the TRX Home Gym
  • do you remember how fit you were as a kid when you jumped rope? Well, you can still do it at home (if you have the room). But instead of buying a cheap plastic $10 rope, grab a weighted rope to give you an additional workout
  • if you have somewhere to hang it (or stand it with some), a punching or boxing bag will give you a great workout in a very limited space. I have seen them advertised for as cheap at $40, but the better quality ones tend to be a few hundred dollars or more. Keep a look out for specials and you can really pick yourself up a great bargain.

At the end of the day though, you need to buy the right equipment to do the job. So if you only want to lose weight, a treadmill or exercise bike might be better.

If you want to tone your body, you will need different equipment to a person who is looking to bulk up and gain lots of muscle.

And perhaps you don’t need any fitness equipment at all – a good breakdance class on DVD will get you fit real fast!

What is the best home fitness equipment?

Above all else, we strongly suggest that before starting any new exercise program, or buying any home equipment, that you talk to your health professional for some quality advice about what is right for you.

We would also recommend using the services of a qualified and experienced personal trainer who can set you up, work with you if needed, and give you some great pointers on the best overall exercise equipment for home.

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What is the best home fitness equipment?

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