What hair brush should you use for your hair, and why

If you care for your hair, and seriously, what girl (and guy) doesn’t, then you just gotta have the right hair brush or brushes to do the job. So keep reading for our take on this hairy problem.

Firstly, let’s make a really obvious point here girls. Your professionally trained and experienced hairdresser or hair stylist is one of those experts who you might want to listen to when it comes to the care of your hair.

They have the training to make appropriate hair care recommendations, and of course they know your hair. So pay attention next time they give you some advice!

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There are some obvious findings that years of experience teaches you, and just as your mother, best friend, or work colleague will be able to tell you, there are a variety of hair brushes that are designed to care for different types of hair, and styles.

Fair Hair

We have found that for fine hair, a good women’s hair brush is one with pure boar bristles. (and no, the boar is not killed for its bristles, just in case you were wondering!). The bristles tend to glide through, rather than grab the hair. We usually soak these brushes in hot water first to soften the bristles, and find they last a long time. Because these brushes work so well, many girls use them for a whole range of styling in place of other brushes. Just be sure you buy genuine boar bristles, and not one manufactured from other synthetic materials like nylon.


The standard cheap hairstyling brush with a rubber base (to help minimise static) is probably a staple brush in every girls bag. It is great for detangling curly hair, as well as general styling and blow drying to get extra volume on natural hair. This type of brush comes in a number of sizes, so grab the one best suited to your use. We do find though that its synthetic bristles are less flexible that the natural bristles and can grab and tear more frequently if you are not careful. For curly hair, we sort of take back what we said in the first point about being wary of brushes that contain both genuine boar bristles and synthetic ones. Having a mix in the one brush of both boar and nylon can actually add a lot of shine and volume while working through all the curls.

 All Hair

The sculpting brush is great for all types of hair and especially for blow drying wet hair. We find the bristles do a good job at softening and smoothing hair while drying it.

Thick Hair

For really thick hair, we do find that the cheaper synthetic bristles like nylon actually work better for us than the natural boar alternatives. We don’t get nowhere near as much static, and the stiffer bristles actually help with detangling.

short Hair

A vent brush is great for short hair as it has openings or vents between the bristles which allow for better heat flow during drying and general styling quite quickly.

wet Hair

When it comes to dealing with wet hair, a round boar bristle brush is great for being able to wrap the hair around the barrel and create smooth curls and waves with your blow dryer. We prefer the smaller barrel and are careful about not wrapping too much hair around it at a time.

straight Hair

If you have very straight hair, a metal round brush might work better for you in gaining extra curl and volume. These are great to use with a blow dryer which heats the barrel in a similar way to a curling iron. We are careful not to use this type of brush over too long a period of time so as to avoid any heat stress on the hair.

teased Hair

If you want to tease out your hair, then yep, a teasing brush is just the thing for you. Look for one with boar bristles which will be less harsh on your hair than a comb.

wet Hair

And if your hair is sopping wet, you may want to leave your brush on the stand and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle knots and snarls before it dries.

Some great ideas for different brushes that maybe you have not thought of before. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other suggestions for women’s hair brushes, we really would love to hear from you.

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What hair brush should you use for your hair, and why?

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