Ten Reasons You Need To Make Your Own Healthy Nutritious Snacks

Experts tell us that making our own healthy homemade snacks recipes is generally far healthier for us than buying many shop-bought processed snacks. So why are not more of us doing it?

We recently reminded our readers that they should consider eating their vitamins instead of swallowing pills, suggesting that we sometimes need to give more thought to what we eat each day, than just swallowing a pill to fix a health problem.

Today we want to continue that encouragement to eat better and feed your family the healthy snacks they need, rather than rely upon the shops to feed you whatever is cheap to make and contains any number of unknown ingredients.

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Making your own healthy and nutritious food at home is so easy once you follow a few simple rules and purchase some basic kitchen / baking utensils. And the benefits of doing so certainly outweigh any negatives of the time to make the snacks, or the minor mess it makes in the kitchen.

So what are some of the benefits of making and eating healthy snacks? Let’s take a look.

A ready supply of healthy options to include in snacks

You are not limited to a few choices bought from the supermarket, and you are never having to fill your pantry with something you don’t really like, but bought because someone said on a TV ad that it was good for you (but tastes terrible!). YOU decide what you want to make, based upon your likes and what is available at that time of year to include in your recipes.

Easier for weight control /weight loss

Knowing exactly what goes into your food makes it far easier to count calories, carbs or points. You know when you put that recipe together how many dried dates you can include, or how much weight in rolled oats you can include. And whether it is using flour alternatives, fresh fruit instead of sugar, or coconut instead of oats, you have complete freedom over what goes into that recipe and how much.

Snacks made to fit your diet allowances

Because you know what you are allowing yourself each day for a snack, you can prepare, bake or cut that healthy recipe into the correct size snack for you in advance. If we make a yummy fruit and nut slice (like in the photos) or a banana loaf, we cut it up as soon as it has cooled and pop it into an airtight container. That way, we never have to worry about eating too much. We just grab one muesli bar, one slice or a muffin out of the container, knowing it is just the right amount for us to have with our morning cuppa.

You clear out all the junk food

Because all the healthy ingredients take up space on your pantry shelves, you find yourself very naturally getting rid of any unused junk food lying around that you don’t want or won’t need. We find now that all the old cookies and shop-bought processed foods have long gone, to be replaced with lots of healthy ingredients and a bunch of containers with tasty and nutritious snacks for the week ahead.

You don’t feel as hungry between meals

Because you are eating better quality food, you find that it fills you for longer and you are not always searching for that special something to fill the hole in your stomach. You feel more content and happier with life, which naturally rubs off onto your family as well.

Ten Reasons You Need To Make Your Own Healthy Nutritious Snacks

You are not having to read as many complicated food labels as often

Have you ever tried to read some of the food labels in the shop. Even if you can finally work out what they are calling sugar this week, there are all the other numbers and names of things that have been included in the product to make it taste, look or smell as if it really was made from what the manufacturer called it. We have given up counting how many products we have found that are called something, but hardly ever contain any of those particular ingredients. The actual taste and smell came from some chemical formulated in the lab! When you make your own recipes, you can buy the healthiest ingredients that only contain the ingredients you expect. 

We find the family are less affected by allergies and skin conditions

Maybe this is just us, but we have found that by knowing we are only eating healthy ingredients in our snacks, that we get less itchy rashes and skin problems than when we were eating a lot of processed foods. And if for some reason anything does come up, it is very easy to see if we have recently used any new ingredient or different manufacturers and swap to a different brand or product. And that is a far preferable option that having to take strong medication or apply even stronger cream to try to control it.

Our moods are better, and more even

Because we are not ingesting a whole heap of sugary foods or other unknown chemicals, we find that as mentioned above, our moods seem to be better. We do not find the little ones getting over-excited one moment and cranky the next. There is nothing in the recipes that causes our hormones to fluctuate or play tricks on us. Everyone just seems more stable, happy and content, and that is a good thing in any family.

We have full control over how ‘healthy’ we want our snacks to be

While we mostly buy the same ingredients or brands that we know of and trust, occasionally a brand comes on special that results in a great saving and is not that less healthy than what we normally use. An example here is choc chips which we love to include in our muffins. While we often try to obtain ingredients that we trust will not adversely affect our health or cause allergies,  we sometimes will buy a supermarket brand on special that we have tried before and know that a small amount will not make a big difference in our recipe. The important word here is that WE control what we buy and what we include in the recipe. 

We have more energy

The nutrients we gain from eating an overall healthier diet means that our bodies always have sufficient nutrients to do the job they need to do. We always have a supply of healthy, nutritious snacks on hand to take with us when we go out somewhere and find we don’t need to call into the shops for takeaway or junk food. That makes us feel better and saves us money in the long run too. 

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Ten Reasons You Need To Make Your Own Healthy Nutritious Snacks
Article Name
Ten Reasons You Need To Make Your Own Healthy Nutritious Snacks
Experts tell us that making our own healthy homemade snacks recipes is generally far healthier for us than buying many shop-bought processed snacks. So why are not more of us doing it?
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Ten Reasons You Need To Make Your Own Healthy Nutritious Snacks

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