How to Use Makeup Setting Spray

Have you ever wondered what the best makeup fixer spray is, or how to use a makeup setting spray? Perhaps you have never heard of it and now we have you wondering what the hell it is!

In a nutshell a make-up fixer / finishing spritz / setting spray is like your hairspray is to your hair. It is the finishing touch to your makeup routine, and is primarily used to keep your makeup in place over a prolonged period of time.

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Just like many beauty products, opinions vary as to the best brands, the price you should pay for it, and of course, how and when you apply it.

The two in our photo are our current favourites. The De Pre 100ml Make-Up Fixer is long-lasting and keeps everything in place for hours – ideal for the working girl!

The Australis 150ml Make-Up Finishing Spritz has rosewater and aloe vera to help maintain moisture, and acts as an invisible barrier against temperature or environmental changes.

We would love to know if you have a favourite fixer, so please drop us a comment below so we can share it with others.

Traditionally the manufacturers intended the setting spray to be used at the very end of the beauty regime.

You finish all your makeup, including your mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, and then you apply the setting spray:

  • you hold it at arm’s length
  • close your eyes
  • spray a few squirts over your face – you won’t need very much
  • leave it to set for a few minutes, and do not attempt to rub it in or touch it.

As we wrote at the beginning, everyone has their own way of applying this product and we have chatted to many girls who use it differently. Some of these include:

  • a quick spray before and after applying makeup to keep everything in place – they call it their ‘makeup sandwich!’
  • using the spray to make your highlights stand out more
  • spray it on the foundation brush at the beginning of the makeup routine so your face does not appear oily
  • intensifying your eyeshadow by wetting your brush with some spray after putting some eyeshadow on it. It goes on damp, but soon dries to a great finish
  • if you mess up your cat eye, just spray a little setting spray on an angle brush and erase the excess liner with the brush.

And lastly girls,  a couple of warnings, or things to be careful of when buying/using setting spray:

  • we all have different skin types, so make sure you get some professional advice when buying your makeup, so as to get the right setting spray for your skin type
  • if anyone suggests spraying hairspray on your face in place of setting spray, just be careful what you put on your face. You don’t want to be spraying a bunch of nasty chemicals all over your skin
  • if you have sensitive skin and you plan on buying a setting spray containing alcohol, try a little first on your skin to ensure it does not dry your skin out too much.

And as we wrote earlier, if you use a better product or have different suggestions for applying your setting spray, please let us know.

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How to Use Makeup Setting Spray
Article Name
How to Use Makeup Setting Spray
Have you ever wondered what the best makeup fixer spray is, or how to use a makeup setting spray? Perhaps you have never heard of it and now we have you wondering what the hell it is!  Well, keep reading to find out why you need it.
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How to Use Makeup Setting Spray

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