Tips for booking your next holiday accommodation

Holidays can be a wonderful experience for you and all the family. However without some preparation, the travel and accommodation can turn into the holiday from hell!

We love travelling, and think it has been in our blood forever.

However some time back we felt led to write our ‘Tips when visiting Stonehenge in England‘ after hearing of people who had just turned up to this incredible location in the UK, without having made any form of holiday planning checklist – and then were surprised when they could not get in without a booking.

Pre planning our travel is a big part of what we do before we go anywhere.

And while we consider ourselves to be independent thinkers, we know there are those who disagree and just love to act on a whim. Our experience however has shown us that whether we are planning a cheap holiday or a luxury escape, the trip goes a lot smoother with a little planning.

Keep reading to find out why this is so.

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Book accommodation close to where you plan to visit

Sure, getting inner-city hotels can be more expensive, but guess what? So can having to book two extra days in each city just to allow for the time it takes you to bus or hike into the city each day because your accommodation is so far out-of-town. Do yourself a big favour and check out in advance where you want to go, and then plan your accommodation around those locations if possible.

Research is essential if looking for cheap accommodation

Be prepared to get on your digital device of choice and spend some time in the incognito mode (so the hotels can’t track you comparing prices and revisiting). Check out individual hotels/hostels as well as the bigger all-in-one sites like Trivago, Airbnb, or Expedia  to see who is offering the best prices for the time you need to travel and the locations you have chosen. And off-season travel is likely to be your big friend to get cheaper prices.

Check on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and with friends on Snapchat

Some of the best recommendations you will get will be from friends who have travelled, or others who have ‘been there-done that’ and told their stories on place like YouTube. Don’t reinvent the wheel guys, listen to their advice and make up your own mind.

Try a travel agent if in doubt

Many people mistakenly think that using a travel agent is going to cost you extra. But arriving in a new country and finding you have booked nasty accommodation in a crap part of town is probably going to cost you more in the long run! If you choose well, that consultant may have insider knowledge and be able to get you a great deal with free upgrades you didn’t even know about.

Keep an eye out for new hotels

Although you might think a new place will charge more, being the new kids on the block, they often need to drop their prices in order to attract new customers and grab customers from the well-known guys.

Call ahead and ask for a better deal

Don’t be afraid to get on the phone or leave a message on their contact page to see if they can come up with a better deal than their base rate. If they know you are genuine and they have a spare room or two, they often come to the party and can drop prices or include something extra for you.

Go with a group

Many accommodation venues love it when they get a call for a family member asking for several rooms at a time. It makes their life much easier (unless you are travelling at their busy period of course). It gives you better bargaining power and can often result in cheaper rates for you all.

Bundle your accommodation with flights or car hire

You can always get a better deal guys when you offer more to the organisation taking the booking. The more you book, the greater options they have to cut a little here, and add in something extra there, to give you a better overall deal.

Try this tips next time you head off on your vacation and see if you can’t save on your accommodation. At the very least, your research will ensure you don’t get stuck with a house on a pole like in the photo we took above.

Mind you, you would get a great view!

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Tips for booking your next holiday accommodation
Article Name
Tips for booking your next holiday accommodation
Holidays can be a wonderful experience for you and all the family. However without some preparation, the travel and accommodation can turn into the holiday from hell!
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Tips for booking your next holiday accommodation

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