Product Review: We Test Pears Shower Gel With Surprising Results

This week, our focus is on looking after our skin. After all, we all want to look as good in our 50s as we do in our 20s. So a chance to review a leading brand of shower gel was too hard to pass up. Keep reading to find out what we thought.

Our regular readers will know that skin care is a big part of what we here at stand for. Recently we wrote ‘What’s Your Preferred Way To Apply Moisturizer?’ because we know how important it is to care for your skin every day.

So this week we had a chance to review Pears Shower Gel and jumped at the opportunity. The Pears (Pental) brand has been around for some two hundred years and is a household brand in Australia, through such well-known products as Velvet Soap, Lux Flakes, Pears Soap, White King, Sunlight Soap, Softly Laundry Liquid, and much more.

Pentel’s vision says in part, “​Pental is dedicated to delivering quality, expertise and value in everything we make” and it is something we have seen them live up to over the years, having used many of their products without incident or complaint.

This week, we noticed their 250ml bottle of Shower Gel was on special at our local supermarket, and so bought a bottle to give it a thorough testing in the family shower.

Several showers later and with both genders using it, we were pleasantly surprised that it passed most of the criteria we had applied, and our overall feeling was that as a family we would happily recommend it to others and can see the benefits of shower gel for the family.

The criteria we used were as follows:

Suitable for all our skins types:

The product is advertised as being:

  • pure and gentle
  • hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction)
  • non-comedogenic (formulated so as not to cause blocked pores)
  • skin pH balanced
  • containing no synthetic thickeners, and
  • 100% soap-free.

Our family, like most has a mix of skins types, and so it was important to us that any shower gel not have any harsh cleaning agents, and be able to clean our skin without drying it out.

Ease of use and overall feeling:

The gel was thick enough that it did not drip out when the cap was open. Only a very small amount needed to be squeezed out of the bottle onto a loofah to provide a luxurious clean that lathered well upon application. The gel washed off easily, leaving a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance, somewhat similar to their soap. All agreed it left them feeling fresh and clean well after the shower.

Product design:

The gel comes in an upside down hanging bottle design, which we think is a great idea, especially when most homes do not have an abundance of shelf space in the shower. However, we found that the hanging loop of the bottle was too narrow to hang around our shower arm and therefore either had to sit on the shelf (which makes the hanging bottle idea redundant), or we placed it around the lower tap. We went with the second idea, but found the base of the bottle to then be well below waist level. For an older person, someone unsure on their feet, or even anyone having medical issues with bending, we thought this idea could be improved upon simply by widening the hanging loop to fit all makes of shower arms, and be high enough to use without bending.

Overall Score:

4 out of 5

We hope you found today’s post, ‘Product Review: We Test Pears Shower Gel With Surprising Results‘ of some use for your household, and we would love to hear from you if you have used this product as well.

We would also love to hear from manufacturers of all-natural products who would like their products reviewed by us.

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Product Review: We Test Pears Shower Gel With Surprising Results

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