Why We Eat Protein Rich Foods And How They Help

Proteins are well-known as the very building blocks of life. If you have followed us for any time, you will know that we love making our own food where possible with lots of healthy proteins, so keep reading to find out why.

We recently wrote a post titled, ‘How to eat your vitamins instead of swallowing pills‘ after being concerned just how many people were swallowing vitamins rather than just eating healthier foods to begin with.

Now, we are not professional health practitioners, just a mum and dad who have lived this lifestyle for the better part of our 60 years on this planet. So while we can’t and won’t tell others what they must do, we feel confident sharing our own successes and failures.

One of the first sources we look to when planning our food intake is Nutrition Australia, for their healthy eating pyramid. This is updated regularly as new research comes to hand and sets out the basic food groups and healthy fats we should be consuming.

Now while we may not follow this pyramid word for word, we do use it as our basic foundation and then work from there.

The reasons for this are simple:

  • we love our fruits and vegetables and always consume far more than the recommended minimum serving
  • our proteins are a big part of our diet and this certainly becomes a large part of our meals
  • we always prefer using healthy fats where possible over non-healthy alternative (though this definition of ‘healthy’ often seems to change each year depending upon who is publishing the latest research around the world!)
  • our carbs are reduced as we have cut back on such things as bread, pasta and cereal.

Our experience has shown that we feel better overall when consuming larger amounts of protein and fewer carbs. Our bodies seem to work better and our meals seem to be more satisfying, without being unduly heavy.

And we know that as we ingest these healthy proteins, our bodies are using that material to build and repair our tissues, while keeping all our muscles, hormones, bones and skins as healthy as possible.

We also find when it comes to weight control, that by maintaining this type of ‘diet’ it is not so necessary to count points or calories for everything we eat. We just work out what type of foods are considered as proteins and then make those foods the largest portion on our plate, and the main type of snack we eat.

Having lived this type of lifestyle for some time, we are often amazed when surveys are carried out in regards to eating habits around the country, and experts are surprised when they discover that many people in poorer areas are eating less healthy foods that those in richer suburbs.

Why is this so surprising!

A walk through any supermarket will show how cheaper it is to buy a basket full of pies and pasties, than fresh salmon, fresh fruit and veg, and organically grown lean meat. If you are struggling to put food on the table and 6 meat pies cost $5, while 6 serves of fish cost $30, the choice is pretty clear!

And unfortunately, many families today will simply wander through their local shop looking for the cheapest prices, and fill up on processed food which will in the main be high carb, high fat, high salt foods.

Add confusing food labels to the mix and you have a recipe for obesity, bad health and disaster!

Now we are not rich and have often had to buy cheap cuts of meats, and cheaper alternatives to get our family fed each week. And we understand any family going through this battle.

But the breakthrough for us came one day when we realised that while we couldn’t afford to buy high-quality foods, maybe we could make our own.

And so began a journey of:

  • understanding food labels
  • learning how and why supermarkets place their foods the way they do,
  • gaining confidence to experiment in the kitchen, and
  • learning to take one small step at a time towards improving our health.

We now feel better for the changes, and have thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of foods we are able to make that are not filled with artificial colours, flavours or unknown additives. Our Apricot And Nut Protein Balls taste like apricots and nuts because that is what is in it!  Our Cheese, Meat and Egg Slices taste exactly like they should because there is nothing false in it.

Of course there are some foods we cannot make in the kitchen and so we shop wisely, buying fish on special, swapping chicken over T-Bone steak, and eating more lamb – which is still cheaper than many beef cuts in Australia.

And we still enjoy a range of food which you might initially think are not healthy, but because WE make them, we know what is going into the mixing bowl. So believe me when I say, they are way healthier than many shop-bought processed foods. Our custard is yummy, and our sticky date pudding is to die for!

We also make a lot of casseroles which only require a little meat, and into which we can add a lot of tasty, fresh veggies. One large casserole can provide the two of us with 3 good-sized dinners, so we always have a couple popped away in the freezer for easy and delicious meals in the future.

And if we can do it, anyone can!

We would encourage anyone reading this to do three things today:

  1. talk to your health professional about how you can safely improve what you eat and how to go about it
  2. subscribe to our blog so we can keep you informed with the latest recipes we are trying, and 
  3. share this with your friends to that together we can see the overall health of our families improve.

If you found ‘Why We Eat Protein Rich Foods And How They Help‘ helpful, please take a few minutes to check out ‘Fitness: why there are no shortcuts‘. And don’t forget to subscribe so we can keep you updated in the future.

We are here to help you live a healthier life, so please drop us a comment and tell us how we can do this better.

Living each adventure,
Christine and Trevor

Empowering people to live a healthy, authentic and fulfilling, personal and business lifestyle.
Adelaide, South Australia.

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Why We Eat Protein Rich Foods And How They Help
Article Name
Why We Eat Protein Rich Foods And How They Help
Proteins are well known as the very building blocks of life. If you have followed us for any time, you will know that we love making our own food where possible with lots of healthy proteins, so keep reading to find out why.
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Why We Eat Protein Rich Foods And How They Help

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