What moisturiser should I use?

We often get readers asking ‘what moisturizer should I use‘, or ‘what is the best drugstore face moisturizer‘? And that my friends is a really tough question to answer, and one of the main reasons we strongly suggest you seek out professional unbiased advice if you are unsure. But let’s talk a little about moisturizers today, and the Nivea Creme we tried as a comparison.

We often hear of girls making the simplest of mistakes when it comes to their beauty routines. It was for that reason we recently wrote, ‘Beauty mistakes you are making shaving your legs‘ because one of the most basic things we always do after shaving is apply a good moisturizer.

And yet many girls still don’t, and then wonder why they later have problems!

When it comes to moisturizers, we guess we have tried and used many hundreds over the years in an effort to find the ‘right one‘. And as we wrote previously, every moisturizer is different, and because we all have different skin types, complexions and skin problems, there is no real one-type-fits-all cream.

However, we have always found that if we consider the state of our skin first, and then apply an appropriate moisturizer, we can’t go too far wrong.

For instance, after our morning shower:

  • we examine our skin to see how it is aging (yes, we are getting into those later years now!)?
  • are there any breakouts to consider (were they caused by overdoing a particular moisturizer yesterday)?
  • is it particularly oily (do we need to skip the moisturizer today)?
  • is it extra dry this morning (in Australia we find the summer and winter weather can have an effect on our skin)
  • are we spending the day inside or will we be out in the sun (many sunscreens contain their own moisturizer, so we won’t need it twice)
  • is it just a lazy day around home without makeup, or do we need the full beauty regime?

Each of the above factors can determine what type of moisturizer, if any, we will be applying that morning. If for instance, our skin is feeling particularly dry and flaky, then we will head for a product which hydrates our skin thoroughly.

But we are yet to splurge out a hundred dollars or so for any ‘anti-ageing’ moisturizing cream, because we question how any manufacturer can justify such a price when many cheaper brands appear to do the job nicely.

We do pay special attention to genuine brands which claim to have been recommended by Dermatologists. Sure a brand might lie and get away with it for a time, but truth will catch up with them and they risk losing everything if customers stop buying their products.

One Dermatologist told us years ago that the only brand he recommends for patients is Cetaphil Moisterising Lotion because it is suitable for sensitive skin and does not block pores. It is also lanolin, paraben and fragrance free! We buy it quite cheaply in our local supermarket, and it has been a regular part of this household for a number of years.

Today, we thought we would try a moisturizer which has been around for years and was probably even used by our parents.

Nivea Creme is advertised on the container as being ‘the original moisturiser for the whole family.’ It also states that:

  • it is enriched with Eucerit (?)
  • it provides the skin with all the protective care it needs, and
  • it is skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

What moisturiser should I use?

The product contains some 20 other ingredients and the creme was quite thick. It was not overly perfumed, nor did it initially appear particularly greasy as long as only a little was applied. It seemed to work well on dry skin on the hands, feet, elbows and knees. However, when used on our face it appeared to make the skin more oily, and in our case at least, we were not able to apply foundation over it for some time.

Now of course, that might just be our skin type, or how our skin was on this winter’s day, so we will continue to use it as a body lotion in the interim, and see how it works out in time and under different conditions on the face.

Overall Score for Nivea Creme: 3 out of 5

If you have used this moisturizer, we would love to hear from you to see if you agree, or disagree with our finding today. So please feel free to comment below.

We love to see products which contain natural products instead of ingredients we have never heard of, though there do not appear to be that many available. If you use such a product or manufacture one, we would love to hear from you too.

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What moisturiser should I use?

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