The benefits of board games for preschoolers

One of the great bonding and education experiences a young family can have, is to spend time together around a board game or two. Its educational benefits are well-known and it is something every family should make time for.

We recently wrote a post titled, ‘Benefits of gardening in early childhood‘ in an effort to encourage parents to get more involved with their little ones, and spend time away from the electronic games and TV.

And today, we would like to continue that encouragement by urging more parents to see the real benefits of teaching their preschoolers a variety of board games.

It really is an awesome opportunity to bond with your children, and spend quality time playing with them, listening to them, and teaching them a wide range of skills they will be able to use throughout their life.

Regardless of which board game you have available to you, you will find it to be a rich learning experience in which your child will be eager to learn many new concepts, skills and abilities.

Just some of the many benefits of playing a board game include:

  1. cognitive development – understanding patterns, shapes and colours, learning problem-solving skills, developing memory skills, and seeing the relationship between cause and effect.
  2. critical thinking skills – working with others and social bonding, understanding responsibility, logical reasoning, and discovering moral and ethical decision-making skills.
  3. creativity – many board games allow them opportunities to explore and discover new things, and allows them to ask many probing questions of their parents that will develop their own creativity.
  4. boundaries – all children need to feel safe and as they explore different games, parents have an opportunity to discuss why certain rules apply and how by obeying them, society and individuals benefit. They will come to see that all games have rules, as does life itself.
  5. hand-eye coordination – board games are great for teaching young children how to move pieces with precision, how to balance, and move items around a board precisely using different muscles and postures.
  6. fair-play – while some games may be about ‘winning’, it presents opportunities for parents to discuss fair-play, cheating, competitiveness, role-playing and losing.

And if the above reasons are not enough to convince parents to get out those board games more regularly, then check this out.

Studies have shown that certain board games have boosted preschool math skills!

The benefits of board games for preschoolers

It turns out that the more board games a child was able to name off as having played, the better his or her performance across numeral identification, counting, number line estimation, and numerical magnitude comparison.

Now while you may not even understand what some of those performance measures mean, the benefits of playing a wide variety of board games from an early age are very clear.

And while the studies may be inconclusive in some aspects, it does seem to reflect that greater parental involvement was a key factor in encouraging young children to play board games throughout their early years.

So the next time you are tempted to have the TV or electronic tablet babysit your children, consider grabbing a board game from the cupboard instead.

Spend some quality time with your preschoolers and older children as well if you have them, and enjoy a wonderful family experience that you know is teaching your kids way more than any electronic toy ever can.

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The benefits of board games for preschoolers
Article Name
The benefits of board games for preschoolers
One of the great bonding and education experiences a young family can have, is to spend time together around a board game or two. Its educational benefits are well known and it is something every family should make time for.
Publisher Name
The benefits of board games for preschoolers

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