8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly
Guest Blogger Lori Longoria

8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly

If you have children, you will know how important it is to ensure your kids are safe in the wet areas around the home, and can safely enjoy spending time in the bathroom So check out today’s post written by Guest Blogger Lori Longoria and discover her secrets to having a kid-friendly bathroom in your home.

Bathrooms are essential for the functioning of a home. They should also be efficient and attractive to kids, but unfortunately it is not always easy to design them in a way that suit the kids’ needs. Children are attracted by smart and stylish design features and this should form a basis for making a child-friendly bathroom. It can be expensive to construct kids’ bathrooms as they require to be updated as kids grow. Thus constructing a kids bathroom is generally for those who are not so concerned with the budget or any plans to resell. However, even if a bathroom is for temporary use, it can be designed and improved to make it friendly to kids and avoid bathroom related accidents. In such cases, parents should focus on remodeling the bathroom using child-sized fixtures and features.

Discussed below are eight ways that parents make a kid-friendly bathroom.

1. Provide a step stool

Bathroom facilities are often designed higher as they are more for adult use. Children therefore struggle to reach those vanities and end up messing up the bathroom. If a parent provides a means to help their kid reach the bathroom facilities easily, it will make the child comfortable being in the bathroom and make the parents work easier by keeping the bathroom clean and organized. A stepping stool also helps to prevent accidents that might occur when a young one is trying to reach any item that is highly placed thus maintaining a kid-friendly bathroom.

2. Include open shelving

Everyone likes and always wants to be in a well-organized environment, and no one wants to search for something for hours due to misplacement; kids are no different. Open shelving allows kids to easily find things just by a glance. The open shelves hold towels and at times bathing toys if available. We all know that kids can make a right mess when they are trying to find something. This shelving helps to keep the bathroom clean and attractive for kids, thus preventing accidents that might occur due to misplaced bathroom items. Apart from making a child-friendly bathroom, open shelves make cleaning and maintenance of a bathroom far easier.

3. Install wainscoting

Every parent knows how rough kids can be on the walls, especially so in tight places. Given the opportunity, kids will cover the bathroom walls with drawings and smear everything they come across on it. Wainscoting (waterproof bathroom panelling) helps to protect the sheetrock from scratches and dents as well as adding character to space and make it more appealing – and as always kids are attracted by beautiful things. It is also easy to wash the walls when wainscoting is installed, and it is one of the best ways of maintaining a kid-friendly bathroom.

8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly

4. Provide adequate storage

Kids often have a lot of things they need in the bathroom: hooded towels, bath toys, special soaps, and of course, toothbrushes. Oftentimes, just the bath toys alone need their own storage cabinet. Storage is more critical in a kids’ bathroom and very important. The bathroom should not be too small or confined, otherwise it will be unfriendly for kids as they will try to use every bit of space available for storage. Adequate space will help prevent accidents in the bathroom as everything is safely stored away, and make the cleaning work easy for the parents to help them maintain a kid-friendly bathroom.

5. Consider a fully tiled wall

There is always some backsplashing of water, especially when kids are washing their hands. Children may splash water intentionally or knowingly. If the walls are not fully tiled, the walls will become soggy and eventually the paint will start washing away. With time, the bathroom will become damp and undesirable. Having tiles that continue on the wall up to the ceiling protects the bathroom wall from becoming soggy, and helps keep the bathroom attractive. A fully tiled wall is among the best tools for maintaining a kid-friendly bathroom, and also making the cleaning and maintenance of the bathroom easy.

6. Avoid slips and falls

The majority of accidents that occur in the bathroom are caused by slips and falls, and can happen even when the parent is around. Unlike adults, kids have a high center of gravity and tend to fall forward. To make the bathroom kid-friendly, the floor should always be kept dry, and parents should try to ensure that the children’s feet are dried after using the bathroom. Non-skid decals in the tubs and rubber mats should be a priority. Parents should also encourage kids to sit in the tub when bathing by themselves or being bathed, as this reduces the chances of accidents.

8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly

7. Protect kids from hot water

A hot water burn is devastating and painful, can leave a permanent scar on the skin, as well as possibly causing disfigurement if severe. It is important that parents consider this when trying to design a kid-friendly bathroom, as it is one of the worst injuries that kids can encounter in their childhood. This can be avoided by preventing the kids from reaching the hot water spout, and teaching them to understand that they should not touch anything inside the bathroom unless instructed so. Electronics that may result to burns or electric shock in the bathroom should also be kept away from the kids. Temperature-controlled water heaters can also be installed to prevent serious burns when children are bathing.

8. Use family photos as art

Kids love smart and stylish things, and above all, kids love seeing themselves. Therefore, instead of hanging weird art in the bathroom, parents should choose their favorite family photos to decorate their walls. This helps to maintain a kid-friendly bathroom as the young ones will always want to be there to see themselves, and even to show it off to their friends.

In conclusion, in order to make a kid-friendly bathroom, parents should ensure that the bathroom is spacious, has enough storage facilities, is safe from all sorts of accidents, and is fitted with the necessary facilities such as wainscoting, best bathroom vanities and fully tiled walls to make cleaning and maintenance easy. The article has discussed eight top tips that can help a family make its current bathroom more kid-friendly. However, this is not an exhaustive list of the ways to make child-friendly bathrooms, as there are many others ideas such as using big sinks, and ditching towel bars among others, which have not been discussed.

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8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly
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8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly
If you have children, you will know how important it is to ensure your kids are safe in the wet areas around the home, and can safely enjoy spending time in the bathroom So check out today's post written by Guest Blogger Lori Longoria and discover her secrets to having a kid-friendly bathroom in your home.
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8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly
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