How DIYing Your Furniture Can Save You Money

How DIYing Your Furniture Can Save You Money

The secret to having a home you truly love is to do your homework for your personal needs, lifestyles, hobbies and whatever other activities take place within the confines of your four walls. One of the easiest, most wallet friendly ways to achieve customization is through the use of DIY.

By utilizing DIY, you can personalize your space to your family’s needs, while using items you already own or have picked up at garage sales or bagged from the unwanted items at your mom’s, sister’s or friends house.

When it comes to DIY, the only limit is your imagination: what you may currently own is an old, shabby bookshelf which could quickly be transformed into a super-snazzy bench.

You might be thinking that DIY is a task that will ultimately end up costing you more money, and that if you had just gone to the mall and bought the item yourself, while it may require an initial investment, the cost could have worked out to be cheaper than if done at home.

However, if you think of having to purchase a new item and have it delivered, certain items may still have to be assembled or be set-up within your home, all which add extra time and overheads.

Therefore DIY is always an option for those eager to unleash their inner financial guru.

Now, onto the various options for what DIY projects to take on around the house, some are achievable in a manner of minutes while others might take a whole weekend. However, it’s always worth the effort when it comes to having the home of your dreams, and in a way that your wallet will love.

DIY ideas

For those wanting an immediate way to cut their heating bill during the winter months, look no further than this five-second home hack. Simply close all of your cupboards and cabinets within your rooms. This lowers the amount of heating required, as it reduces the amount of space exposed to the heater. It can save you about $50 per year on your heating bill.

For those who have yet to be swept up by the Zero Waste movement, then you may have yet to be exposed to the rather novel idea of making your cleaning solutions through using everyday household items such as vinegar and baking soda. Not only will this save you money by no longer purchasing cleaning supplies, but also it will mean fewer chemicals within the water, so you’re saving the environment as well.

Many of us wander into stationery, birthday gift and craft stores and end up staring at the many decorative boxes lining the shelves, to store all of our trinkets, books, and little things that we randomly collect throughout our lives. Why not save the shoe box from your next set of shoes instead, then pretty it up with decoupage paper, or paint or even wrapping paper to provide a beautiful and affordable home storage solution.

Another home decor hack to help you is to install a key hook inside a kitchen cupboard, instead of going to the mall and scouring the home decor stores for the perfect little tray to store your keys in that will inevitably be used for something else. You can also install hooks within the cupboards underneath the sink or in the pantry for kitchen towels or oven gloves. It will also improve your home organization system.

How DIYing Your Furniture Can Save You Money

If you have been insanely envious of all the beautiful headboards on show within your local home decor store, then you will be pleased to know that it is possible for you to make your own. It is a rather time-consuming project to be true, but in the end, you will have a perfect, classic diamond-tufted headboard for a fraction of the cost.

For those who would like a headboard, but are not ready to shell out an entire weekend to make their own, fear not because a stick wood headboard is just as gorgeous and so much faster to make. Simply place the stick wood – wood that is sticky- into the desired frame and just like that, you have a headboard.

If you have thought of investing in a shelving unit to store your growing collections, then your bank account will be happy to know that there is a way for you to build one yourself. There are so many options that might suit you, from floating shelves to branch shelves or even corner shelving. The options are limited only by your willingness to try them out.

Every newbie adult when moving into their own place, or when trying to put together a home that will impress your future mother-in-law knows that coffee tables are not only functional, but are beautiful and an absolute must for any lounge area. Luckily though, it is possible for you to DIY one for yourself instead of splurging at a furniture store, like we were originally planning.

There are so many ways to make a DIY coffee table, from converting a metallic trash bin to transforming old window frames or even just grabbing a good piece of wood from the hardware store or your neighbourhood garage sale and attaching the legs. There are many more DIY options from handmade chandeliers to lamps or hammocks. These can all be made at home and in a wallet-friendly way.

With so many ideas, there are real benefits of making something yourself, not only to give you peace of mind financially, but also for the great bragging rights of being able to say, ‘I did it myself‘. So, when are you going to start on your next DIY furniture project?

And of course, always remember to stay safe while using power tools or handling any other possibly dangerous objects.

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How DIYing Your Furniture Can Save You Money
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How DIYing Your Furniture Can Save You Money
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How DIYing Your Furniture Can Save You Money
The secret to having a home you truly love is to do your homework for your personal needs, lifestyles, hobbies and whatever other activities take place within the confines of your four walls. One of the easiest, most wallet friendly ways to achieve customization is through the use of DIY.
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How DIYing Your Furniture Can Save You Money
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