Decorate your home in six easy steps

Decorate your home in six easy steps

Imagination is as appreciated as a big budget when it comes to decorating your home to the new trends. However, you might already be equipped with a lot of décor accessories and buying more would only contribute to clutter. According to interior expert Lauri Ward, cluttering your space won’t look good at all, and in fact all the visual chaos would be stressful and distracting.

If you own a house that to you is very personal, then you will want to enjoy spending time on its décor to make it look different from others. But decorating your home can be a daunting task, so the best strategy is to work step by step instead of looking for immediate décor solutions.

In this article I have provided six easy steps that will give you some artistic direction for decorating your home in a very personal manner.

  1. Organize and prioritize keeping in view the minimalist approach:

Modern interior decorators have promoted the minimalist approach as it gives a soft and pleasant touch to your home. If you are planning to renovate your home on new lines, then the principle of organizing and prioritizing the décor accessories should be your first step or target.

Don’t throw everything away just to get rid of the old look. Indeed save some traditional pieces that have some emotional attachment, as well as to give more of a mid-century look with say an unfinished brass look. Make sure that every new accessory you purchase for your home has a purpose and can prove to be functional as well. This approach will help you to avoid clutter.

  1. Create impact with small details:

This is the second most easily achievable tip when it comes to revamping or decorating a new home. There is no doubt that small details can instantly give a new look to your home. Focus more on little accessories that often are the last preference of home and interior decorators.

By focusing on the minor details such as the hardware, lighting fixtures. light switches, cabinet handles, and paint, you can give an instant new décor to your new home. Many of you may be wondering about already built-in appliances, but you can still aspire to give them a personal and customized look.

  1. Adorn your bedroom space:

Beautify your bedroom space with small details that will add up to magnify your bedroom décor. Throw some pillows with beautiful natural patterns and vibrant colors on the soft foam mattress of your bed. Swap the boring curtains with something trendy. Or decorate a coffee table with personal items as a sitting corner near the window, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying nature.

Decorate your home in six easy steps

  1. Give your living room wall a theme:

Wall paper is the best way to add an instant wow factor to your décor. Or you can use a huge canvas to cover the wall which you can easily replace when you are tired of the monotony of your home décor. You can also create a mini art gallery to display your favorite works of art, or you can make a collage by using pictures that bring back the sweet memories of childhood and time spent with friends and family.

Make interesting patterns and fill the pictures in without using frames, or use frames in different shades of the same color and hang them in a random manner to display your creativity and personal taste.

  1. Give floor décor due weightage:

If you are revamping a rented house, then it’s preferable to go for big smooth rugs that hide the floor and even protect them. A colorful rug will not only complement your décor, but also give a balanced touch to it.

If you own your house, then wooden flooring is the best choice to give a modern look to your décor while keeping pace with modern trends.

  1. Include nature as a part of décor:

Including the natural elements as décor accessories will uplift the vibe of your home and give a refreshing feeling. Bring in some indoor plants and place them in your living room or the window of your kitchen to give your space a natural touch.

I would personally recommend displaying a large piece of wood in a shadow box, or you can tie some long tree branches and attach some artificial leaves on it and place it in the corner of your living or drawing-room.

Remember, your home is your personal space, so it’s your call to action to infuse your personal taste in your home décor.

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Decorate your home in six easy steps
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Decorate your home in six easy steps
Imagination is as appreciated as a big budget when it comes to decorating your home to the newest trends. Your home is your personal space, so it's your call to action to infuse your personal taste in your home décor while keeping in mind that it would demand both patience and time. In this article I have provided six easy steps that will give you some artistic direction for decorating your home in a very personal manner.
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Decorate your home in six easy steps
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